KILLA Mint Extra Strong (16mg/g)


With Killa MINT 16mg. you can expect a strong kick from nicotine. The fresh taste of mint with a small hint of menthol. An ultra strong All White snus. Killa Nicopods become...

Prices are per tray: 20 pouches.

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KILLA Mint Extra Strong information

Buy strong snus? With KILLA Mint you are assured of a strong kick of nicotine. These nicotine pouches have a fresh taste of mint and a hint of menthol. Go for ultra strong snus with KILLA Mint Extra strong.

Killa Nicopods are produced by UAB NGP Imperial Lithuania in Sweden. Entirely tobacco-free, the nicotine and cellulose extracted from the tobacco plant, as well as various flavors.

This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical, this product contains no tobacco.

Effects KILLA Mint Extra Strong

What are the effects of KILLA Mint Extra Strong nicotine pouches? KILLA snus have a high nicotine content and are aimed at the experienced users who no longer want to consume tobacco but still want to enjoy the effects of nicotine. The effect of nicotine is stimulant, as we all know.

Features KILLA Mint Extra Strong

  • Type nicopod
  • smart size
  • Strength: strong
  • Nicotine (mg) per gram 16 mg
  • Nicotione (mg) per sachet 12.8
  • Taste mint
  • 20 Pouches per tray
  • Content per tray 15mg
  • Weight per bag: 0.75 grams
  • fanatic: NGP Empire

Instructions for use nicotine pouches KILLA Mint Extra Strong

How do you use nicotine pouches? Snus is tucked behind the upper lip. This is placed here so that the nicotine is absorbed by the mucous membrane for a few minutes to several hours.

Safety recommendations KILLA Mint Extra Strong:

In case of contact with eyes: rinse carefully with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, remove contact lenses if necessary. In case of skin contact: rinse with water, if possible also with soap. If inhaled: get fresh air and adopt a breathing position. Don't expose to heat sources. Store it in a dry environment at room temperature and store in a good container and keep out of the reach of children. Good stability of the blotters under the above conditions can take up to 2 years.


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