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Fluetizolam is een benzodiazepine met kalmerende effecten en remt emoties, geschikt voor angstonderdrukking en andere mentaal gerelateerde klachten, maar het gebruik ervan wordt afgeraden en er is nog beperkt onderzoek gedaan naar de stof. Er zijn gebruikerservaringen uit gecontroleerde omgevingen met Fluetizolam, waarbij het zorgt voor een gevoel van rust, stilte en vermindering van stress. Funcaps verkoopt deze RC enkel voor onderzoeksdoeleinden.

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    Fluetizolam is a research chemical that belongs to the benzodiazepine group. Now you are wondering, what is so special about this group? Well, de benzodiazepine group are calming substances that are only obtainable when they are prescribed by a licensed doctor. These research chemicals are able to soothe certain emotions and give calm resting feeling. If you are looking to research Fluetizolam then you are in the right place at! Of course, no research chemical is ever the same. This being due to the fact that every benzodiazepine has a different molecule structure. If you want to know what makes Fluetizolam different from other calming research chemicals, we advise you to keep reading!


    Research suggests that the effects of Fluetizolam are quite similar to those of other research chemicals like Norflurazepam and Bromazolam. The reason being that the effects of Fluetizolam include a possible feeling of serenity and peace, which in turn could lead to a reduced stress level. Some researchers even noted a certain feeling of euphoria. This research is not all too surprising, given that Fluetizolam is part of the earlier mentioned benzodiazepine group. If you are looking to research a chemical that temporarily reduces things like stress and inner turmoil, then Fluetizolam is a good place to start!

    Research has also shown us that, although Fluetizolam works wonders in the calming effects department, it is a temporary solution. After the Fluetizolam wears off researchers found that the underlying issue that cause the stress and anxiety do not magically disappear.

    Funcaps does not advice using Fluetizolam or other benzodiazepines for consuming purposes. Using tranquillizers in combination with other possible harmful substances could lead to medical complications. Funcaps would like to reiterate that the buying of Fluetizolam is to be done only for research purposed and that the research chemical should be handled with care.


    As everything in the benzodiazepine group, Fluetizolam is a MAOI and SSRI-inhibitor. This stands for Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOAI) and Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). These are inhibitors that, in the medical field, are used to treat diseases like depression, for they are anti-depressants. After the Fluetizolam is ingested, it will be absorbed into the blood streams where it will wither down over time. As we said before, after the Fluetizolam is no longer active within the bloodstream underlying problems may return.


    Due to it being a fairly young research chemical, not everything is known yet about Fluetizolam. The effects that are known, like anti-anxiety and stress reduction, are obviously good effects. But the more people research certain research chemicals, the more that gets known about said research chemicals. So, buy your Fluetizolam now at!


    As with all our packages, discretely and fast. We make sure that no one knows what is in your package when we send it straight to your doorstep. At Funcaps we value privacy highly and we understand our researchers do too. Prefer not to have your package delivered at home? No problem! When you want to buy Fluetizolam you can look for a pickup point near you and you can pick it up there! No more worrying about people opening your package at home.


    We recommend keeping Fluetizolam away from low places where children and animals can easily reach. Researchers now how to handle their research chemicals, dogs and children are a tad less careful. High places are good to keep it out of reach and dark places sustain the high-quality research chemicals that Funcaps sells due to the lack of sunlight. Prolonged light exposure can negatively impact certain research chemicals, thus directly impacting the possible result of your experiments.

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