1. €4.95
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    Blueberry Haze Muffin, a sweet and sour taste.
  2. €4.95
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    1 Mango Kush Muffin
  3. €4.95
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    Delicious chocolate muffin from Cannabis Bakehouse. The muffin contains no THC. Prices are per piece.
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      As recent years have shown us, edible cannabis products are no longer rudimentary or tasteless. Instead, a flair for culinary showmanship has taken the market by storm, leading to an endless array of new high-end foods aimed at getting you high.

      Our Cannabis Bakehouse – Space Cake Mix is ​​perfect for making your own space cake very easily. Feel free to adapt our recipe to your own taste! Add fruit, spices, cocoa powder or your favorite treat to make our space cake a unique pleasure!

      – Very tasty Cake mix
      – RQS Northern Light cannabis seed
      – Cannabis Bakehouse Grinder


      Cannabis Bakehouse muffins are unbeatable. We have a muffin with Kush and a cannabis muffin with blueberry. The baking of Cannabis Bakehouse makes for tasty muffins! After this you don't want another muffin!

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