1. €14.99
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    Comparing to Viagra.

    This product contains 5 capsules of EXXtreme Potency

    • €27.95
      In stock

      Erection pills for men.

      One pack contains 16 tablets.

      • €27.95
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        Aphrodisiac for women.

        One pack contains 10 tablets.

        • €11.95
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          Aphrodisiac in the form of drops. This bottle contains 30ml Spanish Fly for women.
          • €14.99
            In stock
            Aphrodisiac capsules for women.

            This pack contains 5 capsules.

            • €6.95
              Out of stock
              Aphrodisiac drink for women.

              One bottle contains 60ml Prorino powershot damiana.

            • €32.95
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              Stimulate your erection with the Get Hard! pills. One pack contains 4 erection caps.
              • €8.95
                Out of stock
                Create an ultimate highlight with just 2 to 5 sprays under your tongue! This product contains 1 bottle with 15ml Super Rush Aphrodisiac.
              • €7.95
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                This product contains a bottle of 20ml Aphrodisiac Drops Unisex.
                • €12.95
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                  These Yummy Cum drops improve taste, production and provide more potent seed.
                  • €24.95
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                    60 tablets. Erection pills for men. Increased libido and ensures a longer erection.
                    • €9.95
                      In stock
                      Delaying the orgasm is a simple activity with this spray. You can easily apply the Stud Delay Spray to the shine and it helps you to maintain the erection for longer. In addition, it has a numbing effect on the brilliance and you come much later than normal.


                      Want to give your sex life an extra boost? View our range of stimulants to use between the sheets! Here you will find a wide range in, among others, aphrodisiac and erection supplements.

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