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    Stay stiff longer!
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      This cock ring will change your sex life!
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        Do you want to stay stiff longer?
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              Boners Cock Ring And Ball Stretcher. This handy combination ensures that your genitals stay in place. In addition, it makes your genitals stand out more and pushes them forward. Experience the benefits of this Cockring and Ballstretcher combination. Order discreetly and enjoy fast delivery at Funcaps


              A Cockring, or penis ring, has two different advantages. When wearing the Cockring, erections last longer and the penis is more sensitive! Cock rings are available in various materials and sizes: from metal to silicone, vibrating or non-vibrating and individually or in a set!

              There are many ways to wear a Cockring. You can only place it around the shaft of the penis, behind the scrotum against the body or both. In any case, fun guaranteed!

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