6-APB (Benzofury)

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    6-APB pellets can be compared to Ecstasy. So you can think of a stimulating effect in which energy and a possible tripping effect are the main effect.

    pellets containing 130 milligrams of 6-APB. Also available in powder  & capsules .

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      Prices are per 0.5 gram , also available in capsules & pellets

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        Capsules containing 100 milligrams of 6-APB. Also available in powder & pellets .


        6APB, also known as Benzofury, is a research chemical, available in powder, pellets and capsules. At Funcaps we would like to draw your attention to the dangers and safety. Curious about the effects of 6-APB? The RC is comparable to XTC. You get energy and get into a euphoric mood. In addition, it can work tripping, but in such a way that you still have control.

        Synonyms: a-methyl-6-benzofuranethanamine, monohydrochloride, 6- (2-aminopropyl) benzofuran, Benzo Fury and 1- (Benzofuran-6-yl) propan-2-amine.

        Read more about 6APB at psychonautwiki

        See also: 5-APB , 5-MAPB

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