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6-APB (Benzofury)


6-APB is a benzofuran substance that, within research related environments, has been shown to give more energy (instead of having a sedative effect). It has empathogenic properties; increasing empathy, making subjects in the experiment looser and more open, and allowing more intense experiences with music and light. Click here to buy 6-APB on our Dutch website! It is not recommended to consume 6-APB or other benzofuran substances.

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        6apb, also called Benzofury, is a research chemical that falls under the Benzofuran group. Due to having a similar chemical composition, 6apb is commonly referred to as a substitute to M. Although 6abp’s nickname sounds like it would have similar effects to benzodiazepines, nothing could be further from the truth. Where benzos are known for their calming and anxiety reducing effects, research has shown that 6abp could have effects that are way more upbeat. If you are looking for a vendor that has an extremely high regard for quality at which you can buy 6abp, then look no further. Funcaps is the place for you! We would like to mention that our research chemicals are to be bought for research purposes only, so we wish everyone successful experiments!


        Before we start, we would like to add a disclaimer: not everything is known about 6abp. The reason being that 6abp has become available as a research chemical in 2011, which is quite soon. We expect that more will be either known or fully confirmed somewhere in the future. Having said that, research shows the following effects have a chance of happening:

        It is estimated that the effects of 6abp could last somewhere in between seven and ten hours. Research shows that the effects of 6abp activate somewhere around the hour mark. Studies also shows that when a testing subject ate beforehand, the activation time could be even longer than one hour. Experiments show that 6apb could induce an effect of being happy, awake and not becoming tired. Adding to that is that a level of social contact boost could be felt with an added need for sex. Experiments where the dosage was increased showed possibilities for psychedelic effects, although these are not consistently confirmed. As it is not the effect of what people could expect when doing magic truffles, it is described as smelling unreal smells and seeing odd colors. If you are looking for a trader that has 6abp to buy, then is the trustworthy high-quality trader for you! Buy 6abp for research purposes and add to science today!

        Science and anecdotal reports have shown that it is possible for the experiment to look like it no longer has any effect, only for it to return. We would like to advice to give it time before starting a new experiment.


        Just as in the above named effects, not many nor any of the unwanted side effects have been fully confirmed. A lot of the evidence is anecdotal and thus should be taken with a grain of salt. Due to the young age of the research chemical not everything is known. Everyday more scientists decide to experiment with 6abp so more gets known! Possible side effects are, but are not limited to:

        ·         Possible overheating

        ·         Anxiety, seeing things that are not there or being paranoid

        ·         Tense muscles

        ·         headache or slight heart palpitations

        ·         Nausea

        ABP6 DOSING

        When conducting experiments, it is good to know what doses should be done to achieve what result. An important part of science is actually knowing what you are doing, and we would like to help you with that. When doing experiments, there are three levels a scientist can choose to research. A high level, a moderate level and a low level. If someone wants to research abp6 in a high intensity experiment, an amount of 125 grams or higher would need to be researched. For a medium experiment an amount in between 75 and 125 mg would be recommended for research and for a low level somewhere between 30 and 75 mg would be required for an accurate experiment.


        As of 2022, abp6 is legal as a research chemical in the Netherlands. We would like to reiterate that abp6 is not sold for consumption, but purely for scientific reasons.

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