1. €14.99
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    Comparing to Viagra.

    This product contains 5 capsules of EXXtreme Potency

    • €27.95
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      Erection pills for men.

      One pack contains 16 tablets.

      • €27.95
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        Aphrodisiac for women.

        One pack contains 10 tablets.

        • €11.95
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          Aphrodisiac in the form of drops. This bottle contains 30ml Spanish Fly for women.
          • €14.99
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            Aphrodisiac capsules for women.

            This pack contains 5 capsules.

            • €6.95
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              Aphrodisiac drink for women.

              One bottle contains 60ml Prorino powershot damiana.

            • €32.95
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              Stimulate your erection with the Get Hard! pills. One pack contains 4 erection caps.
              • €8.95
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                Create an ultimate highlight with just 2 to 5 sprays under your tongue! This product contains 1 bottle with 15ml Super Rush Aphrodisiac.
              • €7.95
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                This product contains a bottle of 20ml Aphrodisiac Drops Unisex.
                • €8.95
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                  The contents of the package: 4 Sex-E caps.

                  Stimulant for during sex!

                • €17.95
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                  Orgasm cream for him and her, has a stimulating effect.
                  • €9.95
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                    Libidio stimulating capsules from Prorino, specially developed for women. 2 piece.


                    It can always happen that you or your partner feel less interest in sex. Sometimes this has to do with too much alcohol in the blood, but there can also be other reasons. Still, a lack of desire at the wrong time can be very annoying for both parties. Fortunately, there are solutions for these moments, with which lust can be aroused. These aphrodisiacs make sure that you or your partner feel like having sex again. Funcaps has different kinds of aphrodisiacs in its assortment, which can give you that little push in the back.



                    We have many different types of aphrodisiacs in our range, including various types of pills, creams and gels. We also have well-known aphrodisiacs such as the Spanish Fly and erection pills in stock. All our products are tested and therefore completely safe to use.



                    There are aphrodisiacs for both men and women. Women can also suffer from a low libido and this can have several causes. The most common causes are the use of contraception, the menstrual cycle and menopause. Yet these situations do not automatically mean that the libido goes down. This is different for each woman. In exceptional cases, these situations can also have the opposite effect and actually result in a higher libido. To quickly remedy these problems, you can easily and quickly order aphrodisiacs for women at Funcaps!



                    A decrease in libido in both men and women can be caused by many different things. Among other things, unhealthy eating or not exercising can affect the libido, but also drinking a lot of alcohol or using drugs can have a negative impact. Whatever the situation, with our aphrodisiacs a low libido is a thing of the past and you no longer have to worry about a reduced desire.


                    WHICH APHRODISIAC DO I NEED?

                    The kind of aphrodisiac you need depends on several factors. The best aphrodisiac depends on your gender. Are you a woman? Then you need special aphrodisiacs for women. For a man, the same applies and you should only use aphrodisiacs specifically for men. For men, erection products are one of the best aphrodisiac solutions, while for women, Spanish Fly Extreme is especially helpful.


                    ARE THESE APHRODISIACS SAFE?

                    All of our aphrodisiacs are tested and completely safe to use. Every aphrodisiac comes with an instruction manual which tells you in what situation you can use the products and in what quantity. We recommend that you stick to these instructions so that you can use the products safely and responsibly. An aphrodisiac can help develop an appetite for sex. However, it remains illegal in all cases to force someone to have sex. We at Funcaps strongly advise against this!



                    Besides aphrodisiacs, Funcaps has different kinds of articles that can give your intimate life a boost. You can find vibrators, dildos and other sex toys in our webshop. All your orders are packed and shipped discreetly, so no one will find out what's in your package. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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