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    DMT is a psychoactive substance that occurs naturally in plants and in small amounts in the human body. Due to the drug's risky effects, DMT is included in the Opium list, making it banned in the Netherlands. Still, have you always wanted to explore the effects of this drug? Then Funcaps now offers you the chance with the introduction of the legal, synthetic version of DMT: NB-DMT. Buy your NB-DMT powder now and get started with your research. Please note that since NB DMT is a research chemical, this drug is only sold with us for research purposes and not for recreational use. 

    What is NB-DMT?

    NB-DMT is a chemical analogue of the psychoactive drug DMT. Little research has yet been done on NBDMT, but it is suspected that the physical and mental effects of the RC are similar to those of DMT. NB-DMT belongs to the synthetic tryptamines and is produced in a lab. It is a white and pungent powder, which needs to be smoked to examine its effects.

    The tryptamine class

    Synthetic tryptamines are chemical compounds produced artificially and belong to the group of tryptamines. Tryptamines are organic molecules that share a common structure characterised by an indole ring. These compounds often have psychoactive properties. Synthetic tryptamines are designed to have similar effects to natural tryptamines, such as serotonin and melatonin. 

    Effects of NBDMT

    DMT thus occurs in small amounts in the human body. It is produced in our pineal gland, an area in the centre of our brain. DMT triggers the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our biological clock. DMT has been used for centuries in South America for its psychedelic and mind-altering effects in shamanic rituals. Smoking NB-DMT increases the normal amount of DMT in your body, leading to the trip and especially mental effects. 

    Difference between NB-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT

    Although both NB-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT resemble DMT in structure and effects, there is some difference between the two research drugs. Famous for its intense effects on the human mind, 5-MeO-DMT can offer a range of experiences, including intense euphoria, states of consciousness, visual and sound-based hallucinations, which manifest themselves over long periods of time and with great intensity. The effects of NB-DMT are somewhat milder and of shorter duration.

    Effects of NB DMT

    NB DMT is a new research chemical and therefore little research has been done on this RC. However, it is suspected due to the same chemical structure as DMT that NB DMT will have the same effects as the illicit drug. Think of effects such as:

    • Euphoric feelings
    • Different perception of sounds
    • Change in vision, such as more colourful shapes
    • Change in perception of space
    • Change in time awareness
    • Gaining insights into your life

    Possible risks

    Negative side effects and possible risks will also match those of DMT. Consider side effects such as:

    • Increase in heart rate
    • Increase in temperature
    • Higher blood pressure
    • Dilation of your pupils
    • Nausea
    • Dizziness
    • Anxious feelings
    • Restlessness in body
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Constrictive feeling on the stomach

    DMT is not an addictive substance, which means there is virtually no chance of NB-DMT causing a craving to supplement or a physical addiction.

    Buy NB-DMT at Funcaps

    Buy NBDMT and other quality research chemicals from Funcaps, the online specialist in research and fun. With an extensive range of RCs of pure purity, Funcaps offers a reliable source for researchers, scientists and experimental study enthusiasts. Striving for excellence in product quality, customer service and regulatory compliance is at the heart of our business. Whether you are looking for known compounds or new discoveries, we are ready to meet your needs with integrity, discretion and dedication.

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