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    Lophophora williamsii (Peyote) is native to Mexico and the southern US, meaning she loves very dry and sun-drenched growing conditions. Peyote grows best in very mineral soil. A mix of 50% sand, 25% grit or bims and 25% regular potting soil has proven to be the best growing medium for this type of special cacti.

    Peyote seeds

    When growing Peyote, maintain a minimum temperature of 10ºC and plenty of direct sunlight and your Peyote cacti will thrive. Peyote will grow into a light green cactus with a spherical shape with pink/white flowers.


    For many years people have been aware of the psychoactive effects of the Peyote. The use of the Peyote for medicinal and religious reasons has been known to the natives of Mexico for thousands of years. The Peyote is a button-shaped cactus that can normally reach a diameter of 10 to 13 cm. The Peyote is one of the slowest growing cacti around, but when grown properly, it can be grown at home much faster than in the wild.

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