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Iron Horse Poppers

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          Iron Horse poppers

          Poppers, small bottles with powerful contents, have won a special place in the world of recreational substances. It is therefore not surprising that several brands have entered the market, offering decent poppers for sale. One of these brands is Iron Horse. The brand has a long history and is known for the quality and potency of its products. Want to buy Iron Horse poppers? You can do so at Funcaps. We specialise in selling all kinds of poppers from top brands such as Iron Horse, Amsterdam and Rush.

          This is what poppers offer you

          Poppers are known for a number of effects, which they bring about, namely: 

          • Relaxation in body
          • Intense intoxication, which occurs immediately
          • Short intoxication duration
          • Lust-inducing effect
          • Anti-inhibition effect
          • More enjoyable and intense sex
          • More intense orgasms

          Watch out though

          Poppers have their effect on your blood pressure. Therefore, it is better not to use poppers with erection aids or medication for cardiovascular diseases. It is of utmost importance not to take poppers orally, as this is absolutely forbidden. What you should do is inhale the vapour directly from the bottle, or you can use a special poppers inhaler. Any contact, whether oral or ocular, with this liquid can cause severe irritation of the mucous membranes. In case of ingestion, it can even lead to poisoning, which is extremely dangerous.

          What is distinctive about Iron Horse?

          The Iron Horse brand is part of the Canadian popper manufacturer Locker room, which is also responsible for the well-known popper brand Jungle Juice. Want to buy your Jungle Juice popper? You can do so on this page. Over the years, Iron Horse has become well known within the popper community. The pentyl nitrite and flavors take many people back to the 1980s. This popper is very intense and removes any inhibitions you might be suffering from in regards to making your sex dreams come true. The purpose of Iron Horse is to relax people, but also to increase the sensation during orgasm. This popper is named after the iron horse or train for a reason: this popper rams through with the power of a horse.


          Different Iron Horse poppers

          The effects of Iron Horse Poppers are fast and intense. They provide a feeling of heat, relaxation and euphoria. However, there are multiple sizes and multiple types of Iron Horse poppers on the market. At Funcaps, you will find premium Iron Horse poppers of 10 milliliters, 15 milliliters and 30 milliliters. In addition, we sell Iron Horse retro poppers of 25 milliliters, the brand's old school popper.


          Buy Iron Horse poppers at Funcaps

          Buy Iron Horse and other quality poppers at Check out our entire assortment here. In our laboratories we subject all our products to rigorous testing, guaranteeing quality. Moreover, we present a diverse range of products that perfectly suit both the preparation for festive occasions and the party itself. Think of products such as shisha's, snuff items and sex items. In addition, Funcaps has earned a well-deserved reputation for supplying high-quality research chemicals with an unmatched purity of 97%. But remember, our research materials are for scientific research only and not for recreational purposes.

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