4F-methylphenidate (4F-MPH)

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          Buy Ritalin

          There is a difference between Ritalin and 4F Ritalin. Ritalin is a medicine prescribed by doctors to, usually children or young adults, to treat symptoms of ADD, ADHD or other DSM-5 related symptoms. This is only obtainable through a licensed physician and a strong of diagnostic checks. 4F Ritalin however is a research chemical that can be bought online for people who would like to research the chemical however they see fit. Do not we do not condone nor intent for people to consume said chemical, our products are sold solely for research purposes and should be bought for the same intent.

          Who would benefit to order Ritalin as a research chemical?

          We hear this question a lot: why would anyone decide to order Ritalin as a research chemical? The most obvious answer is of course for research purposes, but it is actually more nuanced than that. For example, students in the medical sector could greatly benefit from researching the working qualities within Ritalin. This could span between future doctors to lab scientists, it is always good to research what you are making or prescribing.

          Ritalin and the Opium Act in the Netherlands

          Currently Ritalin is placed one the Opium Act 1 within the Netherlands due to it, as aforementioned, only being obtainable by a physicians prescription. Thus, making it so other products have entered the market to make sure people’s research needs are still being met. That is why research chemicals like 4F-MPH Pellets and 4F-MPH Powder have been introduced to the market. As per early 2023, research chemicals like 4F Ritalin are legal to purchase within the Netherlands, given they are only used for research purposes.

          Ritalin’s quality and effects

          You would not be the first person who decides to research 4F Ritalin and be amazed by the chemical structure of it. At Funcaps we do our best to maintain a high quality standard as thus to not implicate your experiments. One of our customers left the following review as a testimony to that statement:

          “Researched the productivity enhancing properties of this molecule, and did so with success.
          Lasts long, is strong, focus, wakefulness and motivation.” – Kevin

          This is in line with what is to be expected when researching Ritalin. Research has shown that possible effects are defined by environment, and by this we do not mean whether it is cold or warm outside. Research showed that within a controlled and calm environment effects rise up that can be linked to increased focus, productivity and mental serenity. Another environment that has been tested was an environment which was a lot less controlled and calm. Think of a room with many impulses like music and flickering lights. In such an environment, research has shown that a stimulating and prolonged euphoric feeling were achieved. We do have to note that these are independent studies. A real scientist wants to know for themselves whether something is true or false. We suggest you buy Ritalin to add to the research!

          Research in to this chemical also showed less than ideal qualities. Testing in a controlled scientific environment showed that some users experienced dry mouth, hyperfocus, no other thoughts in your head and/or a higher heart rate. It can lead to irritation in the respiratory tract and/ or in the eyes. Read the safety recommendations carefully in case it comes in to contact with said respiratory tract or eyes. If you want to buy Ritalin at Funcaps.com we recommend you to store it according to the following guidelines:

          Store your purchased research chemical in a dark place, thus making sure it is not in prolonged contact with (natural) light. A prolonged exposure to a light source, or any heat source for that matter, could decrease our promised quality and thus influence your research. We also recommend to keep it in a high place as to make sure that children and/or pets will not be able to reach it.

          How does Ritalin work?

          Ritalin works by influencing dopamine and norepinephrine activity within the brain. These two both reside within the central nervous system and act as a neurotransmitter for pleasure/attention span and a stimulant respectively. Thus, the reason why, as we mentioned before, in a controlled calm environment research showed it to stimulate focus and in a busier environment it showed to stimulate euphoric feelings. The neurotransmitters slowly add up over time due to the fact they are no longer ‘recycled’ by the brain and thus begin to achieve a noticeable effect.

          On the other hand, research showed it, due to it being a neurotransmitter inducing chemical, it could also possibly affect other parts of the brain. People who got medically prescribed Ritalin and had a history of anxiety noted that it further developed said anxiety. The possible reason being is that, according to some evidence, dopamine receptor D1 and D2 of the dopaminergic system are being related to anxiety inducing symptoms. But, as with any other chemical, the research towards Ritalin is never done. Are you doubting whether 4F Ritalin is the chemical you want to research? If you are not sure, take a look at our entire research chemical inventory! Perhaps something else catches your eye.

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