Palo Santo

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    The essential oil of the Palo Santo is a very powerful oil thanks to its strong medicinal effect. It helps to support the immune system and is a panacea for fighting stress, headaches, colds, neck or back pain. The soothing scent of Palo Santo brings a peaceful, warm atmosphere and purifies the space.

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    As low as €12.50
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    Handmade cones made entirely from Palo Santo wood powder, resin and oil. The cones have a burning time of 20 to 25 minutes.

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    Palo Santo + Copal Incense Sticks. Prices are per 7 sticks.
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      Delicious smelling incense sticks made from Palo Santo and Copal. Copal is known as a tool for opening the soul, for intuition, inspiration and as food for the ancestors.

      Sold per 5 sticks

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        For better energy in your space, use holy wood sticks. (5 sticks per pack)
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          Incense holder cone. Prices are per cone.
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            1 incense holder in the wood color.

            Palo Santo

            Funcaps sells all Palo Santo products. From holy wood sticks to incense holders and oil. If you are a real Palo Santo fan, you can shop well with us!

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