Rolling papers & Tips

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    Specifications Smoking Gold rolling papers:

    • Length 110mm
    • Width 44mm
    • Weight 13gr/m2
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      Included Mascot Tips Pack:

      -Mascot Tips 35 Tips

      • €1.19
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        Features Smoking king size

        • High-quality rolling paper
        • Size: 110 x 53mm
        • €3.50
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          The set consists of:

          • green lighter
          • green grinder
          • green papers
          • tray
          • €7.95
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            Giftset rood rokers items

            Deze set bevat alle benodigdheden om jouw herbs te kunnen roken.

            De set bestaat uit:

            • Rode aansteker
            • Rode grinder
            • Rode vloeitjes
            • Dienblad
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              Eindhoven the craziest tips! Prices are per 1 package.
              • €0.50
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                Maastricht tips for smoking. Prices are per pack.
                • €0.50
                  Out of stock
                  Rotterdam tips for joints. Prices are per pack.
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                  Amsterdam tips, smoking accessories. Prices are per package,
                  • €0.50
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                    Prices are per pack of tips
                    • As low as €1.95
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                      Juicy Jay rolling papers are rolling papers that have different delicious flavors! Each pack contains 32 pieces.

                      (Pineapple / Watermelon / Buble Gum / Strawberry / Raspberry / Blueberry / Grape / Birthday Cake / Blackberry Brandy / Coconut / Coton Candy / Liquorice / Mello Mango / Strawberry Kiwi / Double Dutch Dark Chocolate / Green Apple / Jamaican Rum / Very Cherry)

                        As low as €1.95
                      • As low as €5.95
                        In stock

                        Deliciously flavored Filter Tips with different flavors! Make more of your cigarette or joint and try our tips with different fruity flavors! Each pack contains 50 pieces!

                        (Natural / Cherry Kush / Lemon Haze / OG Kush / Strawberry / Bubblegum / Blueberry)

                          As low as €5.95

                        buy Rolling papers & Tips

                        Want to buy rolling papers? Or buy tips online? You will find various rolling papers and tips in our shop. The long rolling paper is used to roll a joint. The tips ensure that no grit or weed crumbs get into your mouth. In addition, it makes the joint firmer and with a tip you prevent the paper at the end of your joint from getting wet and limp.

                        Looking for more smoking supplies? Check out the entire smoke shop. And find all the cannabis in our smart shop.

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