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Truffles / Mushrooms

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                      MAGIC TRUFFLES

                      Magic truffles are the best legal substitute for magic mushrooms or other illegal psychedelics. Are you looking for a psychedelic trip that rises to the level of magic mushrooms? Then our magic truffles are the substance you want! But what is a psychedelic trip? Magic mushroom truffles make it so that you experience the world in a way you have never seen or felt before. Magic truffles change the way you see the room you are in, how quickly or slowly time is going and your overall outlook on life. Many people refer to this feeling as the ‘truffle magic’. If you are looking to buy magic truffles, then Funcaps is the distributor for you! We have a wide range of magic truffles for people who are beginners and for the more experienced psychedelic enjoyer. With our ever so discreet packaging services and on-time delivery, you are set to have your magic mushroom truffles in the blink of an eye!

                      EFFECT OF MAGIC TRUFFLES

                      Before you actually start your psychedelic tour, you will want to know how magic truffles affect your body and mind. Magic truffles quite literally alter the way your brain works, due to the chemical called psilocin. Magic truffles contain a chemical called psilocybin, which is converted by your body to psilocin. This same magical substance can be found in magic mushrooms, which is why the two are commonly compared. Psilocin alters the way your brain registers the world around you, making it so you ‘space out’ when using magic truffles. Your senses are simply interpreted differently than they usually would be by your brain. How long the truffles magic mushrooms have effect are based on a few criteria:

                      ·         What kind of magic truffles are you consuming?

                      ·         How much of it you are consuming?

                      ·         Your body weight, a person with a higher weight can substant a higher dosage than someone with a lower weight.

                      On average magic truffles have an effect of about four to six hours. It is important to do the right research before choosing which magic truffles to buy. For example, are you looking for a microdosing kit or do you prefer strong Indian spirit truffles? Either way, the same thing goes: the dosage and the right magic truffles choice are essential to regulate the intensity of your trip. The right choice can lead to a very positive experience and affect someone’s mood in a positive way. Many people have described the effects of magic truffles as ecstatic and euphoric.

                      Magic truffles can also change your mental perception of pretty much anything. As aforementioned, this is due to the chemical reaction caused by psilocin (the chemical made by psilocybin). It is, quite literally, a chemical that warps reality. Certain objects can become another shape. If you dose just right, you can get a different interpretation of sounds and light! Imagine being able to see light in a three-dimensional manner.

                      With higher dosages, which we only recommend to people who are experienced with psychedelics, a state of depersonalisation can be achieved. When reaching this spiritual level, a person can feel as if they are conjoining with other organisms or objects. As if they are connected. Serenity is a word many users have used to explain this conjoining feeling. Next to the mental aspects of magic truffles, they can also have an effect on your body. Just like the mental effects, this differs from person to person though. There is a very likely chance you will experience something we like to call ‘dry mouth syndrome’ after eating magic mushrooms. Also, it is possible to feel nauseous. This is completely normal and should not be a reason to panic! It is simply your body reacting to the chemicals within magic truffles, just as it would with certain foods. In the next part we will tell you how to prepare for your truffle experience so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


                      When buying magic truffles, it is good to be prepared. That is why we made a short list of things to keep in mind when going for you first magic truffles experience:

                      ·         Make sure you are well prepared with the right food and drinks. Keep a sugary drink nearby or in the fridge in case you have the feeling that you ate too many truffles. Sugar is a good way to counteract psychedelic effects and to mellow them out a bit. In the form of a drink, it also helps with the expected dry mouth problem. As for food: an essential to have is dark chocolate. Magic truffles are not exactly a culinary delight, dark chocolate will make it so you can negate the bitter taste of the truffles a bit,

                      ·         Have a trip sitter, preferably someone who has done magic truffles before. This person job is to stay sober and simply chill while the rest has fun. If need be, they can assist people and make sure everyone stays safe. At Funcaps we believe that safety is very important, so please get a trip sitter!

                      ·         Be in a safe environment, do not do magic truffles in public. We recommend to always do it in a homely setting and to not go into public. Although magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands, they are still psychedelic. Keep it fun, keep it safe, and keep it at home.


                      Great question! As we mentioned above, we have a wide selection of the finest psychedelics. The effect will differ between each magic truffle, so we recommend to thoroughly read the description of all magic truffles you want to buy. People who are just starting out would do well to try the Lost in Space Indian Truffles. Do not be fooled by the ‘for beginners’ label, because these magic truffles will have you tripping in no time. It will be a trip for the novice user which is a good way to make acquaintance with the wonderful wild world of psychedelics! It will take about twenty to forty minutes for these magic truffles to kick in. All we can say is let it happen and ride the psychedelic wave. Not quite sure, after reading all this, if magic truffles are the way to go for you? Do not worry, because we have so much more to offer here at Funcaps!

                      HOW DO I CONSUME MAGIC TRUFFLES?

                      There are multiple ways to consume magic truffles, the easiest being to just straight up eat them. The best is to eat them on an empty stomach, but this is not a requirement. You could also choose to slice or mince them up and put them in a green tea. Let the water cool off for a few minutes before you add the magic truffles. You can add a little bit of lemon to the tea and keep a piece of dark chocolate nearby for the same reason as we mentioned before: to negate the taste.

                      We hope you have fun on your next trip and would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of magic truffles!

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