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Popper Inhalers


Poppers on-the-go? No problem, it's possible by purchasing these poppers inhalers! Choose today to make your life easier and scroll down!

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          Inhalers for poppers

          Poppers are known for their muscle relaxation and euphoric high they induce. Due to these effects, poppers are primarily used at parties and during sexual activities. However, it is common to face situations where you cannot carry your bottle or discover that your popper has leaked. Avoid these issues with inhalers. These handy tools ensure a maximized user experience with your poppers. Looking to buy a popper inhaler? Funcaps is the right place for high-quality inhalers with a modern design. Read more here about the effects of poppers and where to buy them!

          What is a poppers inhaler?

          The main function of an inhaler is to enhance the effects of poppers. It achieves this by making the experience more user-friendly and safer. An inhaler prevents popper liquid from getting on your hands and also prevents bottles from leaking while on the go. The design ensures that you can transport your popper without any leaks. Furthermore, it is so compact that you can easily carry it in a bag or in your pants or jacket pocket. This way, you can bring your popper with you without any hassle of handing over your glass bottle to the bouncer. Looking to buy a popper? How does a popper inhaler work?

          How does a popper inhaler work?

          An inhaler is easy to use, which is one of the reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular. First, you unscrew the inhalers. Then, you place cotton balls, kitchen paper, a cigarette filter, or another liquid-absorbing material inside the device. You can either sprinkle some popper onto the material or dip the fabric into the popper bottle. Close the inhaler, and you're ready to go with your popper on hand.

          What types of inhalers are available?

          At Funcaps, you'll find three handy inhalers, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. We have sturdy, grey aluminum inhalers. They are very compact and thus extremely convenient for on-the-go use. Thanks to their design and appearance, they resemble a fountain pen, making it easy to carry in your pocket. From the high-quality brand SNFFR, we have glass double inhalers. These are perfect for both beginners and experienced popper users and feature a special cap on the bottle to protect your nose from any potential burns. Lastly, we have the SNFFR solo small inhaler, which easily fits in your pocket, and all bottle sizes, from 9 milliliters to 30 milliliters, can be used with these inhalers.

          Caution when using:

          There are a few things to keep in mind when using inhalers. First and foremost, never pour the liquid into the inhaler, as this will cause leaks when placed horizontally or hung on a cord.

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