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Looking for synthetic LSD for research purposes in the Netherlands? Then click here! 1P-LSD is bought a lot for its similar chemical build as 'regular' LSD. We do want to note: we only sell this chemical for research purposes, not for consumption. Worried someone with a less accepting point of view judges your scientific choices? We have you covered! All our packages are send discretely, not even the post service will see what's in it!

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          1P-LSD is a research chemical drug, which means that the drug may only be sold for the right purposes. Within our range you can find different LSD variants for research chemicals. The effects are comparable to the drug LSD.

          Read more about 1P-LSD on Wikipedia.
          Read more about 1P-LSD on PsychonautWiki.

          All lysergamides include a number of compounds with potent agonist and / or antagonist activity at various serotonin and dopamine receptors.

          1P LSD

          The official name for this substance is an abbreviation for: 1-Propionyl-d-lysergic acid diethylamide. This is a fairly new psychedelic substance from the class of lysergamides. Researchers of this substance indicate that 1P LSD , will give similar effects to normal LSD. Yet this is not entirely reliable and that has to do with the age of 1P LSD. The substance is still quite young and therefore little research has been done. To finally determine what the effects are, you need to do more research on the substance itself.

          What are the effects of 1p LSD?

          It seems that 1p LSD can cause many different effects. These include time distortion, visual hallucinations, and highly enhanced introspection. It can also induce feelings of euphoria and cause ego loss. Several studies have shown that these effects of 1P LSD are very similar to those of LSD. In a study with rats this assumption is confirmed. Within this specific study LSD and 1P LSD were used. In both cases similar effects were observed and therefore 1P LSD could quickly be compared to the classical form LSD.

          What are the properties and risks of 1P-LSD?

          Very little is known about 1P-LSD. This is partly due to the lack of pharmacological properties and toxicity of 1P-LSD. Researchers assume that it contains a similar risk profile and toxicity as LSD. Different scientists do not yet agree on this. One part thinks that the effects are mainly due to the 5-HT2A receptors, while another part does not agree at all . At the moment several studies are still being conducted on the effects of these substances and to compare both substances with each other.

          Consuming 1P-LSD,1CP LSD or 1B LSD

          There is a group of people who use these substances themselves. However, this is strongly discouraged because it is not clear what the effects might be. Moreover, it is not known whether the use of 1p-LSD , 1CP LSD or 1B LSD can cause complications over a longer period of time. In fact, too little research has been done for that. There are also people who combine these drugs with other narcotics. Examples of combinations include alcohol, cannabis and even MDMA. Again, we strongly advise against consuming and combining these research chemicals. These substances are purely meant for research purposes and are not suitable for personal consumption.

          Ordering LSD as research chemical

          Would you like to help with the research on these new substances? Then you can easily order them via Funcaps. We sell 1P-LSD pills as well as different 1P-LSD seals. The price for these 1P LSD, 1CP LSD or 1B LSD is very low. We find that buying 1P LSD and 1CP LSD is very popular and we like that so many people want to do their part for science!    
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