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    The RAW Hemp pipe cleaners are used to clean the pipe of your water pipe, bong or other hard-to-clean object. The brush features natural and absorbent hemp wrapped around a flexible iron wire. This allows for thorough cleaning in the most difficult corners and curves, especially with regular use!

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      When cleaning the mesh, pipe of the bong or water pipe, of course you do not do it without cleaning agent. Wringing a dry brush through the thin bends is very difficult and can eventually lead to frustration. Of course we don't want this to happen and next to the handy brushes, Funcaps also offers Pipe Cleaner Concentrate!

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        A brush such as the Brush Large is used when it is time to clean your mesh, bong, another part of the bong or simply for a difficult and narrow bend to reach. Especially when using the object regularly, it is advisable to clean it from time to time. When the bend is small it is best to look here . If it is a large bend, then we recommend this product

        Sometimes cleaning your bong, bong or glass cannabis pipe can be difficult. They often have those narrow bends in them that are hard to reach with a cleaning cloth. Still, you will need to clean your favorite cannabis bong, especially with regular use! 

        Leave the cleaning of your bong behind and take a look at our cleaning range! Go for a fat handy brush and use some liquid detergent, then your bong is back to normal!


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