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More Sperm

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          MORE SPERM

          It is not uncommon for men to not be satisfied with their so called ‘money shot’. Whether you are not producing more semen than you should due to dietary reasons or due to the fact that you have a very active sex life does not matter. The result is still the same: the volume of your sperm is lacking and you would like to have thicker loads. Above you will find all the right products to help you to achieve more sperm production, that way no man or woman will ever be disappointed with the end result of a passionate night!


          An increased sperm value is something a lot of men desire within their sex life. Indirectly it speaks volumes to their masculinity and fertility, which is why we are more than happy to help. Our sperm pills and drops can directly increase your sperm volume. By using these products for a prolonged time your sperm count and volume will increase noticeably.  Do note that the effects will not be in effect immediately after consuming said products, your body needs time to actually produce more sperm. The reason being is that our products use natural vitamins and substances instead of artificial nonsense. As long as you follow the instruction of how many you should consume per day you will notice the effects within no time.


          We are going to get a bit technical here. The all-natural ingredients within sperm pills directly affect the testosterone levels within the testes. The testes being the technical term for testicles, of course. Testosterone production has a direct correlation to the volume of sperm and the overall sperm count that a man produces. The working substances within sperm pills and drops increase the testosterone within the testes, thus increasing the ability to make more sperm. Although the vast majority of ingredients are natural substances and nutrients, it is still strongly advised to look if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used. All ingredients are noted below the product on their respective product pages. Simply put: you are giving your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to produce more sperm, so there is no need to be worried about consuming the supplements!


          Perhaps you want to get sperm that is not used by you but by a toy. This could be incorporated in to the sex life of people that like ejaculating strap-on’s or dildo’s. If you are someone that thoroughly enjoys ejaculating toys then our super realistic porn sperm is the next thing in your shopping cart! Or perhaps you would like to prank a friend and leave fake sperm somewhere in their room. Whatever the use, this fake sperm is widely used within the porn industry. Which says something about the overall quality!


          First of all let’s state the obvious: your sperm count and volume increases. It also directly influences a person’s confidence; a big load simply gives a better self-image. Moreover, they also work lust inducing in some cases. Increasing the average need and enjoyment of sex, with a logical result of a better orgasm. People have also noted way stronger and longer lasting erections, next to ejaculating more sperm. There have also been cases of men’s fertility being improved, thus having an increased chance of conception! As we noted before, the ingredients are all natural. Lastly, the overall taste of the sperm improves. If you really want to spice up your experience, try incorporating our handcuffs in your love life!


          People who use the supplements to produce more sperm are planning on achieving orgasms more frequently. Next to the fact that the load will look better, and thus directly impact a mans self-image, the orgasm will also feel better! But reaching that ‘end-station’ more frequently also helps raising your testosterone levels. As we learned earlier, higher testosterone levels increase your sperm count. Thus, we can conclude that the sperm pills directly and indirectly train your body to create more sperm! This in turn creates a cycle of self-satisfaction due to the fact that the endorphins created by climaxes make our body and mind more relaxed and soothed of stress!


          Yes, we do! All our packages, so also our sperm pills, are send discretely. No one will know what you ordered unless they open the package. Afraid someone at your current residence might do just that? Then have your package delivered at a pick-up point near you! That way you can pick it up whenever it suits you, as long as it is within a week of delivery of course.

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