Flubrotizolam (FANAX)

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        This package consists of:

        1x 5mg Pellet Dechloroetizolam

        1x 0.5mg Pellet Flubrotizolam (FANAX)

        1x 0.25mg Pellet Flunitrazolam

        1x 3mg Pellet Bromazolam

        1x 8mg Pellet Flubromazepam

        1x 5mg Pellet Norflurazepam

        1x 3mg Pellet Pyrazolam

        1x 1mg Pellet Fluetizolam *OUT OF STOCK*

        1x 3mg Pellet Gidazepam

      Flubrotizolam - buy

      Flubrotizolam (FANAX) is a research chemical drug. Flubrotizolam (FANAX) is sold in pellets. Funcaps guarantees the quality and origin and only sells for research purposes.

      Flubrotizolam (FANAX) effect

      Flubrotizolam (FANAX) has an anti-anxiety effect and promotes sleep. After about half an hour you can already notice the effects.

      We guarantee quality and origin. Funcaps.nl only sells for research purposes. Not for consumer use.

      Read more about Flubrotizolam (FANAX):

      Flubrotizolam is a novel thienodiazepine compound. It is the fluoroderivative of Brotizolam and has many similar properties to both Brotizolam and Etizolam. Flubrotizolam has about 4-5x the potency of Etizolam, based on the experiments we conducted.

      We have produced 0.5mg flubrotizolam pellets with a very similar shape to the well-known XANAX bar, but we have embossed these bars with 'FANAX'. One FANAX bar is about the same strength as about 2mg Etizolam, so they are double the strength compared to the other benzo pellets we offer.

      See also: Etizolam & Clonazolam.

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