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      Deschloroetizolam is a research chemical which belongs to the thienodiazepine class. This class is known for the same effects that Benzodiazepines have, namely: influencing the central nervous system. As of the date of writing, March 2023, Deschloroetizolam is not seen as a controlled substance within the Netherlands. Making it legal to purchase this product for research purposes. We do not recommend, nor condone, buying Deschloroetizolam to consume it. Our pellets are made from 98% pure substance. This is our way of trying to make sure that your experiments are as accurately as possible.

      Please note that all information about these research chemicals and the research chemicals themselves are for educational and research purposes only. These products are not supplements and are not suitable for human consumption.

      How does Deschloroetizolam work, and what are its effects?

      As mentioned above, Deschloroetizolam works by affecting the central nervous system. Essentially, Deschloroetizolam works by temporarily attaching itself to the ‘changing aspect’ of GABA receptors, in the same way that Benzodiazepines do. These receptors are the main neurotransmitters that slow down certain impulses. This all sounds very technical, it works by slowing down your nerve paths, causing certain sedative effects. Not many studies have been done yet on Deschloroetizolam, so the below stated effects are a combination of studies and anecdotical evidence.

      Evidence has shown that Deschloroetizolam has similar effects to Diazepam, only six times stronger. The first major point that research shows is that it can make test subjects feel drowsy. Which, given on the experiment, can be a good or a bad thing. Also, studies have shown that Deschloroetizolam can relieve anxiety in a similar way that other Benzodiazepines can, which you can find here. Moreover, it has the possibility to stop seizures. We do recommend that if you are a person suffering from seizures, that you seek medical help. Lastly, it may help to relax tense muscles. Other anecdotical evidence shows that I can also induce euphoria and decrease your thought speed.


      How long does Deschloroetizolam work?

      Of course, this is based on how much Deschloroetizolam has been used within an experiment. Evidence has shown that the research chemical can be active for more than 8 hours, making it comparable to other medium lasting benzos. This active working time has been tested on an amount of 5 to 10 milligrams of Deschloroetizolam. We, once again, strongly advice against consuming Deschloroetizolam. If someone would decide to do this, which we do not recommend, never combine them with existent depressants.


      Is the shipping of Funcaps safe and discreet?

      The shipping of our products always happens in a safe and discreet way. Due to the way we package our products, no one but you will know what is inside of them without opening them. That way we make sure that your privacy is at the highest possible level. Furthermore, we want to guarantee quality. Which is why you get a 14-day guarantee, upon getting the package, to send it back without any reason. All that is required is that you have not broken the seal, and you will get your money back!

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