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2F-Ketamine (2-FDCK)

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              2F KETAMINE

              2F Ketamine, better known as 2FDCK, 2-FDCK or 2F DCK, is a research chemical known for it disassociating qualities. Where disassociation is usually used in a negative context, 2F Ketamine uses it as one of its key selling points. Researchers have found out that 2F Ketamine can give a chemical effect within the brain that makes it feel like the mind and body are separated, thus disassociated. 2F Ketamine is officially classified as a designer drug, making it legal to buy 2FDCK in the Netherlands for research purposes. This research chemical is a lot like the more commonly known counterpart Ketamine, the difference being the molecule structure. 2F Ketamine is a lesser known and recent dissociative substance that belongs to the aryl cyclohexylamine class. Even though the research towards research chemicals like 2F Ketamine is not too advanced yet, a lot is already known. This is all thanks to researchers just like you! Research has pointed out that there is a good to fair chance that 2F Ketamine does not just have similar, but more potent effects than the popularly known ‘regular’ Ketamine! Want to know more about 2F Ketamine or the 2FDCK vendor Funcaps? Then keep reading or browse our site for other research chemicals like DMT!

              Please note that all information about these research chemicals and the research chemicals themselves are for educational and research purposes only. These products are not supplements and are not suitable for human consumption.

              WHERE DO I FIND 2FDCK TO BUY?

              Well, that answer is pretty simple: you can buy 2fdck at Funcaps! Buying 2F Ketamine for research purposes has never been this easy. No longer does one need to go to sketchy places and meet up with people one really does not want to meet up with just to be able to conduct research. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy 2FDCK, that is why we ship our research chemicals right to your doorstep! Our knowledge of research chemicals and 2F Ketamine does not only mean we sell the best chemicals for research purposes. It also means that we know how to send packages fast and discreetly. Every research project has a deadline and thus time is of the essence. Our packages will be sent in a discreet manner, not showing to anyone who handles the package what is inside. Prefer not to have your 2FDCK delivered at home? No problem. We also send our packages to pick-up points near you!

              Ordering 2F Ketamine for research purposes is not illegal in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands research chemicals like 2F-FDCK are classified under the ‘warenwet’ (goods law) instead of the opium law. This makes the shipping of this chemical, for research purposes only, legal. Other research chemicals that can be ordered are LSD2CB and many more!

              EFFECT OF 2F KETAMINE

              As we said before, not everything is known about the effects of 2F Ketamine. 2F Ketamine is very similar to Ketamine in the way that the subjective effects are very similar. Effects of 2F Ketamine include loss of cognitive mobility, sedation, pain relief, euphoria, hallucinations, dissociation and conceptual thinking. Where a low dose causes an alcohol-like intoxication, a higher dose can cause a "K-hole". A "K-Hole" is basically what one would or could describe as an outer body experience.

              But what is the difference between 2F Ketamine and ‘regular’ street Ketamine? When performing a research experiment, people have found out that 2F Ketamine seems to be potent for a longer duration of time. This does come with a longer set-up period for the effects to take notice. Due to 2FDCK being more potent, it has been noted that less is needed for a similar scientific result.

              Beware, 2F Ketamine can lead to irritating eyes or airways. We recommend making sure that, during research, the chemical does not interact with these body parts. If 2f Ketamine accidentally makes contacts with the eyes, please clear them with water as soon as possible for at least 10 to 15 minutes. When accidentally inhaling the chemical, it is recommended to sit in an upright position, giving your lungs and airways the most comfortable position to breathe. Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air is also recommended.

              HOW DO I STORE 2FDCK?

              First and foremost: 2FDCK should be kept away from places where children can reach it at all times! Where a responsible adult knows how to handle research chemicals in a safe and sound fashion, a child does not and could get injured. Always store your research chemicals in a high place. A cupboard or the top shelf of a supply closet are great places to store your 2FDCK. It should also be kept away from high temperatures and kept dry, otherwise the expected research results could vary. Lastly, we would like to recommend that 2FDCK is not placed in a place with too much light, for the same reasons as aforementioned.

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