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Erotic Candy

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In addition to our extensive collection of erotic games, we also included erotic candy in our webshop. Erotic candy is in fact a tasty and at the same time and provides a unique way to add excitement. This excitement does not necessarily have to be added in the bedroom only. It can also ensure that foreplay begins at the start of a romantic evening because our erotic candy has the shape of the intimate parts of the body. In addition, it is sweet, tasty and seductive at the same time. Do you want to discover new ways with which to have fun? Add some erotic candy!


The most popular option of erotic candy are erotic winegums. These winegums are made in a special shape such as the intimate parts of the human body, for example winegums in the shape of a penis. This special shape creates a good opportunity to add excitement and a little humor to the bond you have with someone. For many people its therefore the perfect way to break the ice in case they want to try something new.


As you have read in the previous paragraph, one of the reasons why our wine gums are very popular is because of their shape. The fruity flavors are also very popular. These flavors are perceived as tempting. Just think, for example, of the taste of sweet strawberry with which you break the ice and thus make your sensual experience even more unique. For example, you could use our erotic candy as a "treat" during foreplay or during a sensual massage.


Our erotic candy is also perfect to use in combination with our erotic games. Often this is already a step further in foreplay and this combination is made to increase the tension and sensuality in the bedroom. Erotic candy, as you have just read, offers a good way to break the ice and have fun. Erotic games and our intimate toys on the other hand offer a perfect way to increase the tension nicely.

A combination that is often made is erotic candy with erotic stories. This ensures that you can enjoy an exciting story together while enjoying delicious candy in the form of erotic winegums. Another example that is commonly known is combining erotic candy with an erotic card game. In fact, erotic winegums offer a perfect way to experiment with new oral sensations. For example, consider playing a "truth or dare" game where the reward is an erotic winegum if a "dare" task is completed. This is a good way to make the game even more fun and to try new things right away.

Another option could be to combine the erotic candy with an erotic massage. Here you can give a massage and have your partner guess which flavor it is.


As you have read at this page, erotic candy is the perfect way to break the ice. For example, you can use it for a new taste sensation, in combination with erotic games or just to seduce someone. There are countless more ways you can use erotic candy for. What we do think is important is that no matter in what way you plan to use our erotic candy, you should do so with mutual consent. This is because it is important to respect the other person's boundaries and not go over them. In this way it remains fun for both of you and you can feel safe. After all, it is important that you can feel safe in an intimate setting. Keep this in mind at all times and communicate clearly with the other party. Only in this way can you ensure that both of you have an enjoyable (but mostly fine) experience.

Finally, we wish you lots of fun with our erotic candy. If you have any questions, you can always take a look at our info page or between the FAQs. If you still prefer to contact us, you can always call or app us at: +31 6 10 84 83 86 or Email us at: [email protected].

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