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ODSMT, also known as O-Desmethyltramadol, is an opioid substance with analgesic properties. It is derived from the cyclohexanol class and should only be used for scientific purposes. ODSMT has narcotic, sedative and euphoric effects, reduces anxiety and promotes muscle relaxation. It is important not to combine it with other chemicals and it is currently not prohibited by Dutch law to conduct research on this substance. Looking to buy this research chemical? It's also purchable on our Dutch website here.

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        Pellets ODSMT for sale

        ODSMT, or O-Desmethyltramadol, is a synthetic opioid and is one of the lesser-known substances in the world of psychoactive compounds. It is closely related to tramadol, a prescription pain medication. ODSMT shares some chemical similarities with tramadol, but it has distinct properties and effects that make it an intriguing subject of study. So, are you looking for ODSMT for sale? Then you came to the right place. At you’ll find O-DSMT in practical pellets, so you can research the effects of the chemical everwhere you go. 

        What are O-DSMT pellets?

        O-DSMT is short for O-desmethyltramadol or desmetramadol. It is a research chemical known for its numbing effect, making it similar to morphine and heroin. O-DSMT is a metabolite of the medication tramadol, which produces effects. O-DSMT is available in powder and pellet forms. Pellets are the pill variants of the chemical. Prefer to purchase the powder form? Click on this link. The molecular structure of ODSMT allows it to interact with the opioid receptors in the brain, leading to its distinctive effects. 

        Effects of O-DSMT

        O-desmethyltramadol has the following effects:

        • Numbing effect
        • Induces calmness
        • Euphoria
        • Reduction of anxiety
        • Suppression of worries and nerves
        • Muscle relaxation

        Potential negative side effects

        The risks associated with this substance include the following:

        • Dizziness
        • Nausea
        • Drowsiness
        • Vomiting
        • Itching
        • Difficulty with bowel movements
        • Urge to use more

        What is the effect of O DSMT?

        O-DSMT is a metabolite of tramadol, and as a result, some research has been conducted on the functioning of this research chemical. Its effects do differ somewhat from tramadol. The research chemical primarily induces the pain-relieving and numbing effects of tramadol and lasts for approximately 4 to 8 hours. It is advised to be cautious about the amount you consume, as the effects may take a while to manifest.

        Dosage with pellets 

        With this substance, it is generally recommended to start with a low dose because the effects vary from person to person. It depends on factors such as your body weight, metabolism, tolerance level, and individual sensitivity. On average, a dosage of 5 milligrams is maintained, but the pellets have a dosage of 30-50 milligrams, with 30 being considered standard and 50 a high dosage. Buy your 30-milligram O-DSMT pellets here.

        O-DSMT for sale at Funcaps

        You can buy ODSMT pellets at At our place, you'll find high-quality research chemicals with a good origin. Check out our research chemicals here. We stand behind our products because they are extensively tested in laboratories before sale. Please note that our research chemicals are only suitable for research purposes, not for recreational use. Furthermore, you can also turn to us for relaxation after your intensive research. We also sell poppers, water pipes, and accessories, items for the bedroom, and various herbs. So, for all your relaxation products or enjoyment, choose Funcaps.

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