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5-MeO-DMT, available here in Dutch, is a synthetic version of a substance that is commonly found within plants and animals. Although it is also a chemical which is produced in our very own brain, 5-MeO-DMT is just a tad bit different due to its synthetic nature. Not everything is known yet about this chemical, which makes it all the more interesting to do research on it! 

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        5-MEO-DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is a potent psychedelic drug that can be found in certain plants and animals. It is a naturally occurring substance and found in certain species of plants and animals, including the human brain.5-MEO-DMT is also used as the active ingredient for ayahuasca, a traditional South American shamanic brew. 5-MEO-DMT's first recorded found was in a shamanic pouch in South-America, this pouch is thought to be a thousand years old. This pouch was found in 2010, in what is now Bolivia, as an archeologist was researching a rock hideout that showed human activity dating back nearly 4000 years. So, as you can see, the interest in 5-MEO-DMT has been a human second nature for over a thousand years! If you are wondering what those old shamans saw in this research chemical, you can order it yourself at Funcaps! Science is there to be done by anyone interested in it, so become a scientist today and buy 5-MEO-DMT!

        WHAT IS 5-MEO-DMT?

        5-MEO-DMT is known as a substance with intense and powerful effects. It can have huge influence on the human mind. Also, 5-MEO-DMT can provide for causing intense euphoria and states of consciousness. The substance can cause strong visual and sound-based hallucinations, among other things. The effects of 5-MEO-DMT can last for a long time and feel very intense. It is therefore important to use it with caution.

        As aforementioned, 5-MEO-DMT originates from the continent of South-America. This substance has been used for religious ceremonies and shamanic practices for over hundreds and hundreds of years. Due to the described overwhelming experience on a psychoactive level old tribes saw it as a way of connecting to their gods. The possible out-of-body experience, which is caused by chemical reactions made in the brain, was hard to understand for older societies.


        As with all research chemicals, reactions may differ per experiment. Research has shown that it can take up to 10 minutes for effects to be noticeable, although this more likely happens within several minutes. Experiments in a lab, with synthetized materials, show that the duration of the effects will be somewhere in between 45 and 60 minutes. But, as history shows, the old South-American tribes enjoyed the effects of 5-MEO-DMT for up to 6 hours. This was most likely due to the fact that these tribes used to drink it in a brew. We would like to reiterate that 5-MEO-DMT is a research chemical, and should only be bought for research purposes.

        Please note that all information about these research chemicals and the research chemicals themselves are for educational and research purposes only. These products are not supplements and are not suitable for human consumption.


        There is much yet to be known about the effects of 5-MEO-DMT. The substance itself is really not considered physically addictive, but on a psychological level it may be addictive. Several studies have been done on the risks of using 5-MEO-DMT, but there is not yet enough evidence to actually establish these considered potential risks. Therefore, we advise you to not consume this substance, which is mainly caused by the little amount of information available about the substance and potential risks. Improper use of this substance may cause dangerous effects, and therefore we recommend to only use the substances for research purposes.


        5-MEO-DMT is a research chemical and therefore is considered to be legal. However, we advise against consuming this chemical substance and only use it for research purposes. The price of 5-MEO-DMT is very low, which makes it a low barrier to entry and participate in the research.

        BUY 5-MEO-DMT

        Do you want to learn more about 5-MEO-DMT and participate in the research for the designer drug? Via our website you can easily and safely order your 5-MEO-DMT. We make sure that it gets delivered quickly and discreetly, which helps you to keep your focus on the research. Moreover, we only supply high quality research chemicals without contamination, allowing for better results to be generated and used in future research. If need be, we can also deliver to a pickup point near you, this way we can absolutely guarantee your privacy!

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