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Apurina Rapé

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    Apurina Rapé

    Rapé Apurinã Green

    This green Rapé is famous among the Apurian people. The special thing is that no ash is used in this rapé. Only locally harvested plants from the forest are used.

    What is Rapé?

    The sacred tobacco and plants are finely ground, filtered, ground again and sieved until a very fine powder-like substance is formed. While making the rapé, the shamans spend hours praying, singing and giving the rapé their blessings and intentions. This makes it a beautiful sacred medicine. Indians see taking rapé as a form of prayer to Mother Nature. As with the use of other sacred plants, it is good to establish an intention before working with rapé.


    A lot can be said about rapé and its effects and healing qualities. It is something that you have to experience for yourself to get a proper personal experience about its true power. In general, rapé can give a positive grounding, purifying and protective feeling. It quiets the mind and quickly and powerfully brings one into a meditative state. Rapé cleanses the physical and all energetic bodies and chakras

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