Massage Oil

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    Pjur Original is the best selling lubricant in the world! Now experience the best hours at your fingertips. This super concentrated massage and lubricant is perfect for giving an exciting massage and/or to use it together with condoms or erotic toys.

    Pjur Original Massage and Lubricant is available in different sizes.

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    As low as €9.99
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    The Bodyglide Massage Oil and Lubricant from CoolMann is ideal for the horniest evenings with your boyfriend and/or sweetheart. Give or receive a full-body massage and then fuck you completely drowsy!

    Content: 150 ml

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      Have you been looking for a massage oil that does not stick for a while? Then we have the perfect massage oil for you: the Exotiq Massage Oil Lovely Lavender!

      Content: 100 ml

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        Fancy a sensual evening with your fling or lover? Turn each other on and drive each other crazy with an exciting massage! Glide your hands over him or her entire body and feel each other!

        Content: 500 ml

        Massage oil

        Dim the lights, light candles and put on some romantic music!

        Massage relaxes the body by bringing awareness, circulation and pain relief to different areas as it helps to focus awareness on each part of the body. It is also a means of encouraging intimacy, strengthening your relationship and inducing some sexy time.

        Massage your partner with our delicious massage oils. Start with the legs and slowly work your way up. Take your time and build the anticipation and suspense... 

        Our CoolMann and Pjur massage oils are also lubricants ;)



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