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Palo Santo Oil

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The essential oil of the Palo Santo is a very powerful oil thanks to its strong medicinal effect. It helps to support the immune system and is a panacea for fighting stress, headaches, colds, neck or back pain. The soothing scent of Palo Santo brings a peaceful, warm atmosphere and purifies the space.

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Palo Santo oil information

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens), is also known as the sacred wood. The plant produces potent essential oil known for boosting the immune system and fighting inflammation.

Palo santo comes from a tree species native to the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula in Peru. Essential oil is extracted from the wood of Palo Santo.

Why Palo Santo Oil?

Palo santo oil can be used in aromatherapy, and has soothing and restorative effects. This exclusive oil is used, among other things, to calm and release energy. In addition, it can be used in various rituals to purify the space. Palo Santo is also used by shamans in special purification ceremonies and rituals.

What is the effect of Palo Santo oil?

Palo Santo has a calming effect and brings you into a peaceful, warm atmosphere. Palo Santo calms you down with depression, tension and negative feelings. Positive feelings are stimulated.

Palo Santo also helps to support the immune system in times of stress and illness. It calms the nervous system and helps to recover faster from illness, chronic fatigue syndrome or emotional pain.

How to use Palo Santo

For a natural headache remedy and instant relief, dilute a few drops of water and dissolve the vapors with a diffuser when a headache strikes. Or rub some palo santo mixed with coconut oil on your temples and neck.

With a cold or flu, apply a few drops to the chest at heart level. You can also add a few drops to your bath.

For complaints such as arthritis, injuries, chronic neck or back pain and sore muscles, apply several drops with a carrier oil directly to the point of pain three times a day.

For muscle, bone and joint pain, massage the oil into the skin until the oil is absorbed.

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