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Super Rush Aphrodisiac

Create an ultimate highlight with just 2 to 5 sprays under your tongue! This product contains 1 bottle with 15ml Super Rush Aphrodisiac.
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Super Rush aphrodisiac information

Stimulate your senses with the Super Rush Herbal! With this very powerful herbal formula you can create an ultimate highlight with just 2 to 5 sprays under your tongue.

The handy size makes it easy to carry, so that a sexual highlight is always within reach!

Effects Rush aphrodisiac

Very powerful composition that is effective for up to 15 minutes.

This product is experienced as very powerful and is effective for up to 15 minutes. Provides stimulation and more lust!

Ingredients Super Rush aphrodisiac

  • Per 3ml: water
  • 39mg L-arginine
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • 39mg Saw Palmetto
  • 39mg Cranberry
  • 15mg Gingko Biloba
  • 15mg L-glatamic acid
  • 15 mgL-alanine
  • 15mg L-lysine
  • 15mg NE niacin
  • sodium chloride
  • Presevativess: E211, E202

User manual Super Rush aphrodisiac

Shake bottle well before use. Spray 2-5 times the contents of the bottle under the tongue (comparable to 3 ml). Wait 15 minutes for the desired effect. Maximum dose is 3 ml per 24 hours.

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More Information
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