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Prorino Capsules Libido Stimulating For Women -2 Pieces

Libidio stimulating capsules from Prorino, specially developed for women. 2 piece.
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Product Details


Prorino capsules libido stimulant for women information

Are you looking for a boost to your libido? Then you go for these energy-giving pills, specially developed for women. The pills can boost your libido so you can get more sex drive. The active ingredients in these libido pills act directly on the libido sensors and give a noticeably increased sex drive 1 to 2 hours after taking it.

Do you ever feel listless or do you suffer from reduced sex drive, then give your body this extra boost!

Prorino capsules ingredients

5.6% L-Arginine, 33.9% Damiana Root Powder, Capsule (Colorants E122, E172, E171) 11.9% Pomegranate Extract, Separating Agent, Magnesium Stearate

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