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Whether you are a seasoned shisha lover or curious to get started, buying shisha is highly recommended. You can buy a cheap hookah at Funcaps. We specialise in selling pleasure products, such as hookahs and accessories, poppers sex items and bongs.

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              Buy Shisha 

              Shisha smoking, also known as water pipe smoking, has been a popular way to relax and enjoy delicious flavours during your smoking session for centuries. Whether you are a seasoned shisha lover or curious to get started, buying a shisha is highly recommended. You can buy a cheap bong at Funcaps. We specialise in the sale of pleasure products, such as hookahs and accessories, poppers sex items and bongs.

              Why buy a bong?

              Smoking a bong can be a social activity, where you can enjoy tobacco flavours and each other's company with friends or family. It can create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Tobacco for a shisha comes in a wide range of flavours, allowing you to experiment and try different aromas. This makes it an attractive choice for people who like variety. Compared to smoking cigarettes, smoking a bong can be perceived as softer, as the smoke is filtered and cooled by water before you inhale it. Finally, bongs are often beautifully decorated and can serve as a decorative element in your home or at social gatherings.

              How do you use a bong?

              A bong usually consists of at least four separate parts: the tobacco bowl, reservoir, metal shaft and hose. You fill the reservoir about halfway with cold water. The stem of the shaft should rest two centimetres into the water. Connect the shaft to the vase with the rubbers provided. After this, place your tobacco or steam stones on the tobacco cup. Then place tight aluminium foil over it and poke holes in it. After this, attach the bowl airtight to the top of your shisha. Place the coals on the foil and light it. Now you can enjoy a varied smoking session.

              Shisha accessories

              A bong alone is usually not enough. To use a hookah, you also need shisha accessories. To heat your hookah, you need to buy water pipe coals, for instance, and possibly also a coal tong and a water pipe wrench. Buying shisha coals? Then buy Tom Coco Gold coals, for example. If you smoke with several people at once, you often need separate mouthpieces as well. For electric bongs, you will also need an electric heater. And don't forget your smoking materials. You can put special tobacco in a bong, but you can also buy steam stones, such as the Paradise Steam Stones.

              Cost of a shisha

              Buying a shisha can vary in cost, depending on the size, quality and design you prefer. Generally, you can buy a shisha for prices starting at around €15 and going up to several hundred euros. With us, you will find small bongs from €14.95, but we also have premium shishas for sale from €84.95 or even €119.95. What's more, you can select by colour and also by size. So we have the right bong for everyone.

              Buy hookahs and hookah accessories at Funcaps

              Buying bongs and shisha accessories is easy at Funcaps. We have several high-quality and budget-friendly bongs in our assortment with matching handy accessories. We also sell other products that prepare you for fun, relaxation and parties, such as snuff and sex items. 
              Funcaps is also the undisputed leader in high-quality research chemicals with an unmatched purity of 97%. We are the best choice for scientific success. Explore our extensive range today and discover the future of cutting-edge research. But remember, our products are strictly for scientific use and not for recreational purposes.

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