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    The effects of 2-FA powder are compared to a mild version of speed. 2-FA consists of 98% pure substance.
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    Prices are per pellet . 2-FA consists of 98% pure substance.

    2-FA is compared to speed, 2-FA is only milder. It has a stimulating and motivating effect.

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    * Half a tube is enough to start your research!

    This product contains:

    2-FMA: 2 -Fluoromethamphetamine

    4-FMA: 4 -Fluoromethamphetamine

    2-FA: 2 -Fluoroamphetamine

    2FA funcaps

    2-FA, or in other words, 2-Fluoroamphetamine can be obtained online from us. 2-FA powder can be ordered in various quantities for research purposes.

    Read more about 2-FA at psychonautwiki

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