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DMC (Dimethocaine)


Dimethocaine (DMC) is a new research chemical that has similar effects to cocaine, but there is little known about the side effects. It is produced in laboratories by combining substances such as lidocaine and caffeine. Looking for our Dutch shop? You can find that right here! DMC can cause euphoria, pain-relieving effects, and an accelerated heart rate, among other things, but its use is strongly discouraged due to the risks and lack of research.

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    Dimethocaine for sale

    Dimethocaine, a synthetic compound shrouded in intrigue, has captured the attention of both the medical and research spheres. Do you want to buy dimethocaine? Then you have come to the right place at We are specialists in research chemicals. Take a look at our complete range here. We have a wide range of RCs of pure purity at low prices.

    What is dimethocaine?

    Dimethocaine also known as DMC or 94-15-5 or larocaine is a fairly new research chemical that has similar effects to cocaine, but there is little known about the side effects. Larocaine belongs to the class of amphetamines. Do you want to experiment with other synthetic amphetamines? Buy those research chemicals here. DMC is produced in laboratories by combining substances such as lidocaine and caffeine. In order to eventually be able to better determine these effects, you can do your own research on this substance using

    History of dimethocaine

    The birth of DMC took place in the 1930s by the Hoffmann-La Roche company. In the 1930s, the RC grew into an anaesthetic medicine, which was used in the medical field such as during operations. In the 1940s, however, the addictive effects of the drug were discovered and it was removed from the market. Today, people take DMC to study its psychoactive effects.

    How does dimethocaine work?

    The action of larocaine is the same as that of cocaine. DMC inhibits the uptake of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain by interfering with dopamine transporters. While dimethocaine exhibits a lower affinity for dopamine transporters than cocaine, its potency in inhibiting dopamine uptake remains comparable. Consequently, achieving a similar response requires a higher quantity of dimethocaine.

    Effects of larocaine

    So, what can you expect while researching larocaine? A number of positive effects have emerged from online experience reports such as:

    ·         Stimulation

    ·         Euphoric feelings

    ·         Lifting of the mood

    ·         The desire to talk much

    ·         Acceleration adrenaline

    ·         Analgesic and narcotic effects

    Potential risks of usage

    There is still relatively little known about DMC.  Like other research chemicals, this is due to the lack of an overview of the pharmacologically determined actions and the little research that has been conducted on DMC. The scientists who have investigated the drug further assume that the substance contains a similar risk profile and toxicity as cocaine. However, there is not yet sufficient evidence to also label these statements as facts. Therefore, in order to give a final answer, more studies need to be done on this drug and its risks. When more people research this substance, a clear overview of the effects can finally be made. Buying or ordering DMC and researching this, can contribute to the entire research on this substance. You can contribute to science. There are a few online studies however which state that DMC has the following negative effects:

    ·         Difficulty with breathing

    ·         A faster heart rate

    ·         Chest pains

    ·         Narrowing blood vessels

    ·         Difficulty sleeping

    ·         Anxiety

    ·         Paranoia 

    How long do the effects last?

    In the context of this research, the zenith of effects is observed within 10 to 20 minutes post-injection, returning to baseline within an hour. Administration, either intravenously or nasally, is recommended to circumvent rapid hydrolysis associated with oral ingestion.

    In what forms can you buy DMC?

    At you find DMC powder of high quality. It consists of 98% pure substance. Buy your own powder here. Watch out however, the dimethocaine powder can cause respiratory and eye irritation, when you come in contact with the substance. Should DMC Powder touch your eyes, promptly rinse with water for a thorough 10-15 minutes, ensuring lens removal. In case of skin contact, wash with water and, if available, use soap. For inhalation, relocate to fresh air, assuming a posture that facilitates breathing.

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