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DMC (Dimethocaine)


Dimethocaine (DMC) is a new research chemical that has similar effects to cocaine, but there is little known about the side effects. It is produced in laboratories by combining substances such as lidocaine and caffeine. Looking for our Dutch shop? You can find that right here! DMC can cause euphoria, pain-relieving effects, and an accelerated heart rate, among other things, but its use is strongly discouraged due to the risks and lack of research.

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    Dimethocaine (also known as 94-15-5) is a new type of research chemical. Research shows that this substance provides similar effects that occur after the use of cocaine. A number of similar effects have been identified, but on the other hand, quite little is known about the drug and its possible side effects. This is in fact a "designer variant" in which it is characteristic that they are quite new and effects have not yet been fully mapped out. In order to eventually be able to better determine these effects, you can do your own research on this substance using


    It is not known exactly when DMC was developed. In any case, this substance did come into being much later than the similar drug cocaine. As with most designer drugs, it can be assumed that this substance was created in a laboratory by combining the substances lidocaine and caffeine. Then some genetic modifications were made to this and dimethocaine was developed. Buying DMC is not easy and is mainly done through connections in the underground drug circuit. Would you like to test the drug, similar to cocaine, scientifically? Then Funcaps is the right place for you.


    The designer substance DMC can cause a number of effects. Not all of these effects have been established and researched, which is why the use of this substance is strongly discouraged. The known effects are feeling euphoria, causing an analgesic and narcotic effect and an acceleration of adrenaline. Side effects include heart palpitations and excessive sweating. So be warned and do NOT use these drugs for your own consumption!


    There is still relatively little known about DMC.  Like other research chemicals, this is due to the lack of an overview of the pharmacologically determined actions and the little research that has been conducted on DMC. The scientists who have investigated the drug further assume that the substance contains a similar risk profile and toxicity as cocaine. However, there is not yet sufficient evidence to also label these statements as facts. Therefore, in order to give a final answer, more studies need to be done on this drug and its risks. When more people research this substance, a clear overview of the effects can finally be made. Buying or ordering DMC and researching this, can contribute to the entire research on this substance. You can contribute to science.


    As always, there is a group of people who, despite all the warnings, still choose to consume the drug. First of all, we strongly advise against this and secondly, little to nothing is known about possible long-term side effects or complications. Consuming this drug can have serious consequences. Combining it with other drugs is not recommended at all. Combining it with other drugs is strongly discouraged as it can lead to an overdose of stimuli with serious health problems as a result.

    Note: all information about these research chemicals and the research chemicals themselves are for educational and research purposes only. These products are not supplements and are not suitable for human consumption.


    Curious about how DMC works? Would you like to help research this new drug? Place your order easy and quickly through Funcaps. You can buy DMC from us in a very safe and responsible way. After the order has been confirmed, we will send you an e-mail with shipping confirmation and we will tell you how long it will take for your package to arrive.

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