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5-MAPB is a benzofuran, which is also available on our Dutch site, substance that increases energy rather than calming, comparing it to non-legal drugs such as XTC and cocaine. It has empathogenic effects, resulting in increased empathy, openness and more intense experience of music and light. It is not recommended to consume 5-MAPB or other benzofuran substances, especially in combination with other narcotics. This research chemical is soley sold for research purposes.

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          Buy 5-MAPB

          If you're contemplating buying the trendy research chemical 5-MAPB online and wish to delve into its intricacies, you've landed on the right page. Because if you want to buy 5-MAPB, then can help you out. We sell high-end research chemicals for studies only. You can count on a good quality of our product and a discrete shipping of your order.

          What is 5-MAPB?

          5-mapb, chemically known as 5-(2-methylaminopropyl) benzofuran, is part of the benzofuran family. Benzofurans have been in the Netherlands for the better part of 10 years now. In the chemical department it is related to amphetamines. Although benzofurans are reminiscent of benzodiazepine research chemicals, these drugs cannot be seen as sedatives. Instead of benzos, benzofuran research chemicals actually make the subject feel more energised. Benzofuran is therefore compared to other party drugs such as XTC and Cocaine. 5-MAPB is therefore a perfect research chemical to use in research on party drugs and their effects! At Funcaps, you get this interesting RC in capsules, pellets and powder.

          Functioning 5-MAPB

          5-MAPB has a unique function. Namely, it is an inhibitor of several neurotransmitters simultaneously, such as: noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. Moreover, it is an agonist for the 5-HT2A and 5-HT2B receptors, which provide mild hallucinogenic effects.

          Effects of 5MAPB

          This research chemical is very similar to MDMA in terms of experience with 5MAPB. Known effects of the RC include:

          • You feel more upbeat.
          • You experience the world more intensely.
          • The substance breaks down any feelings of inhibition. 
          • You become more social.
          • You are more affectionate.
          • More energy is also a result of the RC. 
          • Open about your emotions you will speak.
          • Some people observe a greater libido.
          • You are completely relaxed. 
          • You may even feel intoxicated.
          • You experience more empathy and euphoria.

          Potentially lesser side effects

          As with all narcotics, 5MAPB has some unpleasant side effects. At higher doses, you will notice that you will start shaking and grit your teeth. Moreover, as with XTC, you will experience an emotional dip. Some other side effects include:

          • Increased heart rate
          • Difficulty urinating
          • Dehydration
          • Nausea
          • Appetite suppression
          • Sweating more
          • Potential erectile dysfunction

          Funcaps advises against consuming 5 MAPB or any other benzofuran. Even in combination with other narcotics, it can have dangerous consequences. All information on designer drugs/research chemicals and buying benzofuran is for research purposes only.

          How do I store 5-MAPB?

          5-mapb is best stored in a place where children and animal cannot reach it. High places where there is a lack of sunlight are perfect. The reason being is that an over exposition to light could cause the overall quality of the 5-mapb to decline. In turn this could possibly lead to inaccurate results, which is not what you will want with your research. When properly stored and handled, it is possible for the 5-mapb to retain its potency for up to two years. Do beware: this is an estimate, research chemicals could vary on their maximum lifespan.

          Buy 5MAPB at

          5 MAPB is for sale at The exploration of 5 MAPB reveals a substance with a complex and nuanced profile, attracting attention for its unique properties within the research community. As you embark on the journey of understanding and buying 5 MAPB, it is crucial to prioritize safety, responsibility, and adherence to legal regulations. If you're indeed considering to buy 5MAPB, stands as a reliable source, providing a platform that values quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. We’re also the place to buy high-quality poppers and interesting items to spice up your bedroom adventures.

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