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3-FMA is a new research chemical about which little is known. It is an amphetamine with stimulant effects similar to speed, but more research is needed to understand its exact effects and risks. Funcaps offers quality 3-FMA in both powder and pellet form on our Dutch site and our English one, and it is important to dose carefully and keep accurate records of the results of the experiment. Besides 3-FMA, there are other interesting chemicals available for research, these can be found on our site!

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      3-FMA (3fma), or 3-Fluoromethamphetamine or 1- (3-Fluorophenyl) -N-methylpropan-2-amine, can be obtained online from us. 3-FMA pellets can be ordered in different quantities.


      Operation 3-FMA

      The possible effects of 3-FMA can be described as: stimulating, more focus and sharpness.

      Read more about 3-FMA at Psychonautwiki only sells for research purposes. Not for consumer use.

      We guarantee the quality and origin.

      See also: 3-FEA
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