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As of 12-09-2023 it is no longer legal to buy 3-CMC for research purposes. Looking for any alternatives to this research chemical? We've posted those below! If you want to order within the Netherlands, we recommend having a look at our Dutch 3-CMC store. Everything you find on this website, you can also find there!

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                  WHAT IS 3-CMC?

                  3-CMC is, in contrast to 2-MMC, an illegal synthetic substance falling under the category of stimulants and is an analog variant of methcathinone. Research chemicals falling under this category are also considered stimulants and analogs of methcathinone. This substance is produced in laboratories. 3-CMC is often compared to methcathinone because this chemical is also described as stimulating and entactogenic. A substance that can evoke these feelings or create an emotional connection.

                  It is important to know that 3-CMC falls under the category of NPS substances. This is an abbreviation for New Psychoactive Substances. Substances falling under this name are in most cases not yet regulated or are even banned. 3-MMC is also an example of this. Are you still looking for information about this substance? Then continue reading! Funcaps is not only a seller of legal research chemicals but also a provider of information!


                  3-CMC has been illegal in the Netherlands since 12-09-2023. This means that this substance may no longer be sold. Buying 3CMC is simply illegal due to its placement on the Opium list, so we naturally advise against it. Another research substance that can be compared to 3-CMC but is legal for research is 2-MMC. You can buy it here! It has similar effects, such as increased energy, euphoria, and increased sociability. That's why it is sold as a research chemical for research purposes at Funcaps!

                  EFFECTS OF 3-CMC

                  As aforementioned, 3-CMC is part of the NPS group. As a result, there have been no extensive studies on the health effects or risks associated with the use of 3-CMC.

                  It is important to mention that almost all research chemicals within the NPS group are new and therefore almost always carry many risks. In addition to the fact that it carries risks, it is also illegal to use this research chemical.

                  USABILITY OF 3-CMC

                  What is 3-CMC mainly used for? As we have mentioned a few times already, 3-CMC is an NPS. As a result, this substance is mainly used by scientists or other researchers. These scientists and researchers conduct various studies and experiments with 3-CMC, eventually leading to more clear information. For example, research is being conducted on why 3-CMC gives such euphoric and happy feelings to test subjects.


                  Do you want to buy 3CMC? Then at Funcaps, you can choose from several other legal alternatives. The alternative 2-MMC is a comparable variant. This substance is known for producing similar effects to other legal cathinone stimulants in a clinical setting, including increased energy, euphoria, and increased sociability. Funcaps also has a wide range of other similar cathinones! It should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Before conducting your research, please read the safety instructions on our website.

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