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2-MMC capsules 220mg

Looking to buy 2-MMC capsules? You can do that here! According to our customers, 220mg is the ideal amount for their research, which is why we've chosen this amount! The capsules are being compared to other known substances like 3-MMC en 3-CMC miaow capsules, but there is one major difference: 2-MMC capsules are legal to buy for research purposes! You can also buy it in powder, crystal en pellet form. All prizes are per capsule.

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Buy 2-MMC capsules

Buying 2-MMC capsules has never been so easy, fast, and discreet as with Funcaps. Funcaps provides a legal way to get your favorite research chemicals at home, so you can contribute to the progress of research into even more unknown substances! External tests and anecdotal evidence suggest that 2-MMC capsules can provide more euphoria, an energy boost, and make you more sociable. We would like to point out that this product is only sold for research purposes and not for consumption.

How long does research with 2-MMC capsules take?

The research duration can be up to 6 hours, with the first noticeable effects after about 30 minutes. The most intense phase of the research will be around the 1 to 2-hour mark, during which the substance is most potent. It may be that after this peak, there is a decrease in energy in the test subject. 

Hazard indications for 2-MMC capsules 220mg

It can lead to irritation of the respiratory tract and irritation of the eyes. Never dispose of research chemicals in the environment.

Safety recommendations for 2-MMC capsules 220mg 

IN CASE OF CONTACT with the eyes: Rinse gently with water for at least 10 to 15 minutes, possibly remove contact lenses. In case of contact with the skin: Rinse with water, if possible, also with soap. Inhaling: Get fresh air and assume a posture that promotes breathing. 

Do not expose the research chemical to heat sources. Store it in a dry environment at room temperature and store it in good packaging and out of the reach of children. Good stability of the RC under the above-mentioned conditions can last up to 2 years."

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