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2f-ketamine experience

2f-ketamine experience

The emergence of new psychoactive substances (NPS) has generated a lot of excitement and discussion in recent years. One of these, already well-known, newcomers is 2F Ketamine, a chemical compound that structurally resembles ketamine, a well-known dissociative anaesthetic originally developed for pain relief. In this blog, we delve deeper into the general 2f-Ketamine experience, also addressing the effects and risks of this NPS! A well-informed person is worth two, so from now on, you only need to go to one place for your questions about everything that's fun: Funcaps, the Fun Specialist!

What is 2F-Ketamine?

2F-Ketamine, also known as 2f dck, is a synthetic substance belonging to the class of dissociative anaesthetics. It is known for its ability to induce hallucinogenic effects similar to those of ketamine. However, it differs from its predecessor by having a fluoride group instead of a chloride group. 2fdck falls under research chemicals, making it legally available for research purposes. Since 2016, 2f ketamine has been available on the market, resulting in limited research on this RC. Fortunately, there's Funcaps, conducting research for you! It is not allowed to sell or buy this for recreational use, but apparently, it is still being purchased for that purpose.

How does 2F Ketamine work?

2F-Ketamine belongs to dissociative hallucinogens, where you feel as if the mind and body are separated. It can also completely alter your sense of time and space. Moreover, it reduces your perception of pain, which is why 'regular' ketamine is also used in healthcare as a painkiller. Lastly, the effects of the substance can include euphoric feelings and an increase in conceptual thinking. Music and movies are experienced more intensely to the point where someone feels immersed in the music or film. User reports indicate that the substance lasts longer than regular ketamine, but it takes longer for the effects to become noticeable. 2f dck is mainly snorted, but some studies show that some people also take it orally. The RC's effectiveness in the latter case is inferior to nasal intake.

What is similar to 2F-Ketamine?

2F-Ketamine is a structural analogue of ketamine, and its effects can be similar. Other research chemicals that induce similar dissociative effects include:

All of these research chemicals fall under the arylcyclohexylamines group. Want to explore more of these arylcyclohexylamines? Click the link to view our entire range.

Dosage of 2fdck

Regarding 2f-ketamine, it is recommended to use the same dose as with regular ketamine. However, 2-fdck is almost 25% stronger than ketamine. Start with a low dose, less than 25 milligrams of the active substance. You will begin to feel the initial effects after about fifteen minutes, and these effects can last 1 to 4 hours.

The day after 2F Ketamine

Because the research chemical has only recently appeared on the market, little is known about its risks. This can be dangerous because it has not been precisely determined how much of the substance can be used, nor whether the research chemical can be combined with other substances, medications, or alcohol. It is assumed that the risks are similar to those of ketamine. This means that 2fdck can potentially harm the bladder or kidneys. Additionally, using 2f-Ketamine can lead to a k-hole experience and is as addictive as ketamine.

What is a k-hole?

When people take too high a dose of 2f-ketamine, they can experience such a intense dissociation that they feel like they are 'continuously falling.' They may become unable to speak and move, feeling as if they are no longer on this earth. This may sound intense, but it always passes. It is possible that a person may vomit during this experience, and that's okay, just let it happen. If you see someone in a k-hole, stay with them and try not to be too disruptive. It will eventually pass. This can take ten minutes or hours. Some user reports show that this experience is almost mystical, while for others, it is very frightening. In any case, staying calm is important for both situations.

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