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                        THE SHISHA PEN

                        A shisha pen is very similar to an e-cigarette and is very popular among young people. When buying a shisha pen you can choose a disposable or a refillable shisha pen. Shisha pens, like an e-cigarette, are available with and without nicotine. An e-cigarette or shisha pen seem less bad than normal cigarettes. This is because they contain fewer harmful substances. In addition, a shisha pen or vape is always handy to carry around. It takes up little space in your bag, does not smell and does not make a mess. The refill bottle is also very small.
                        The only thing you have to pay attention to with a shisha pen is that the battery is charged properly when you leave. Otherwise, the shisha pen may not last the whole day or evening. It is therefore wise to take a charger or an extra battery with you if you want to enjoy your shisha pen to the max.


                        When you have bought a vape or shisha pen before you know approximately what you need and what you prefer in accessories. What you need to pay attention to especially as a beginner is that you buy good quality products. Here at Funcaps we think good quality is extremely important and we only sell certified shisha products and shisha pens.

                        Only the best shisha products at Funcaps!

                        Besides the quality of the pen itself, you should also pay attention to the liquid you put in the shisha pen. It is important that this is of good quality. Do you suffer from irritation or allergies? Then it could be that not every liquid suits you. There are different liquids with different mixing ratios and ingredients. Pay attention to this when you are going to use shisha. We at Funcaps only offer the best products of the best quality. Want to see any of our other outstanding products? All our Funcaps products can be found here!

                        Please note!
                        Vape products and shisha pens are not allowed to be sold under the age of 18! If you are not 18 years old do not buy a vape or shisha pen. This can be harmful for your health!

                        Many different shisha products at Funcaps

                        At Funcaps we have a large assortment of different kinds of shisha pens. We also sell water pipes for shisha, different shisha flavors, coals, fruit tobacco, hoses, attachments and much more. We have everything for you in the field of shisha on our website. At the moment we're busy expanding our assortment. That way you can continue to choose from a large assortment of shisha flavors, shisha pens and much more. In our vape shop you can find everything for your vape such as, coils, batteries, chargers, liquids and much more.
                        Remember that a shisha pen is not the same as an E-cigarette or a vape. Even though they are very similar and have the same purpose, there are some differences. The main difference between a shisha pen and an e-cigarette is that in a shisha pen there is no nicotine and in an e-cigarette there often is.
                        Would you like to buy a shisha pen? Then take a look in our vape shop or in one of the other shops of funcaps.co.uk.

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