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Syrian Rue (Peganum Harmala) 10gr - Indian Spirit

Syrian Rue Indian Spirit 10 grams
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Syrian Rue information

Effects Syrian Rue

The possible effects are psychedelic effects, such as visual and auditory distortions and mystical phenomena.

Dosage Syrian Rue

  • Mild trip: 1 gram
  • Normal trip: 3 grams
  • Very strong trip (maximum limit): 5 grams

Instructions for use Syrian Rue

It is possible to eat the seeds like this, by grinding them well with your molars.

  • Make sure that the seeds come into frequent contact with your saliva for half a minute to 2 minutes and then swallow the seeds.
  • Another way is to crush the seeds and put the powder in gelatin capsules. With these methods, none of the active ingredients is lost in the preparation process. For an experience with only Syrian rue, the dosages are still experimental. You can start with 1 gram to see how you react. 5 grams is a high dose for most people.
  • Taking more than 3 grams usually results in more physical discomfort and no stronger effect. The experience lasts about 4 hours.
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