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wine making starter pack

As low as €129.95

Complete set with accessories and ingredients for the novice winemaker.


  • 2 fermentation buckets 30 liters: each with water seal and drain valve
  • filling pipe
  • stirring spoon 40cm
  • hydrometer and measuring glass
  • acidometer (acidity meter)
  • bottle brush and detergent CHEMIPRO OXI
  • corker with 30 wine corks
  • grain yeast BIOFERM ROUGE
  • grain yeast BIOFERM BLANC
  • yeast nutrient salt NUTRISAL
  • deacidifier DESACID
  • pectoenzyme ZYMEX
  • mixed acids MIXACID
  • sulfite
  • user manual with recipes
  • Immediately available
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Cheapest price

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