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Snuff board

There you stand. You want to make a fine line and snort, but you have no place to do it. You can prepare an improvised table, but there's a good chance your powder will slide off. See how the snuff board looks here. With a snort board, this inconveniency is a thing of the past! You can buy a hygienic snort plank at Funcaps. We specialize in the sale of convenience and pleasure items. Your order will arrive quickly and discreetly, so you no longer have to be annoyed during your nights out.

What is a snuff board?

A snort board is a wooden plank with a metal top. This board allows you to dose and snort your powder properly. This is made possible by the stylish snorting tubes and line card that come with it. There are grooves in the metal, so you can choose whether to make dots or lines. There are various sizes of snuff boards available.

Benefits of using a snort board

Why should you buy a snuff board? Very simple: the board allows you to draw a proper line. You can dose your powder any way you want. If you want a large dose, you take a dot. If you want to snort more, you draw a line. The board is also very hygienic because you won't snort any other impurities. The board can also be easily cleaned. In addition, four people can do a line at the same time, as there are four different snorting tubes included in the package. Lastly, you have multiple boards, ranging in size or weight. So, you have family boards and snorting boards that you can easily take with you in your pocket.

Buy your snuff accessories at Funcaps

You can find snuff items at Funcaps. We have an extensive range of snorting accessories, ranging from snorting jars to snorting boards. See our entire range here. In addition, you can find quality research chemicals (for scientific purposes), poppers, hookahs, sex items, and much more with us. Your relaxation and pleasure are our top priority.

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