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Shawandawa Rapé - 10 grams


The Shawandawa Rapé is a blend that can be used in everyday life.

1 package contains 10 grams of Shawandawa Rapé

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Shawandawa rape back information

The Shawandawa Rapé is a blend that can be used in everyday life. It is a composition of powerful tobacco, Tsunu ash and herbs from their tradition that gives it its smooth taste and special strength.

Operation Shawandawa rape rap

What is the effect of Shawandawa rape? Shawandawa rapé has a stimulating and relaxing effect. For example if you need extra power during your work then Shawandawa is the right rapé or if you want to chill with friends.

Shawandawa rape user manual

There are two ways to use rapé. First of all according to the traditional shamanic way. The person who blows the rapé in is here (a shaman or tribesman with a lot of experience). The person who blows in the rapé shares himself with the other and gives the receiver his powers. It's all about the healing powers of the breath in this way.

The other way to use rape is to use a Tepi. Or a Kuripe pipe. Note that an inexperienced person will need a second person to fill the second nostril. However, with a Kuripe it can be administered alone.

Shawandawa rape dosage

How do you dose rape?

The dosage depends on how experienced you are with rapé:

  • Beginner: Pea-sized amount per nostril
  • Some experience: Experiment take less or a little more than a pea.

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