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Salvia 15x Extract - 1gram


De Salvia wordt geleverd in zakjes van 1gram

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Salvia is a completely legal substance in the Netherlands for consumption reasons. Salvia, whose leaves come from the Salvia divinorum plant, contains something called salvinorin A. Salvia originally comes from Mexico. The working chemicals within the Salvia plant could have a hallucinating effect. To make sure this beautiful natural product is easily available to you, we have made sure to make every package as discreet as possible. Our Salvia 15x Extract gives a short but powerful trip. This Salvia, with a strength of 15x, is the second-lightest Salvia that we offer. It is a good way to get yourself acquainted with this product! Are you looking to find out other ways to expand your knowledge? Then take a look at our smartshop!

How does Salvia work?

The way Salvia works is directly related to how much is consumed and how it is consumed by a person. If you are a first-time user, we suggest not taking too much Salvia at the same time. Taking too high of a dosage, while being unfamiliar with the plant, can lead to an anxious feeling. The most common way of consuming Salvia is by smoking, at which the following effects could be noted:

  • A surreal experience of your surroundings
  • An out-of-body experience
  • Feeling like you are living in a dream
  • Feeling like you are in multiple places at once
  • Having the giggles
  • Talking incoherently
  • A sped-up or de-accelerated view of time
  • Hallucination about the past
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