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Rush Original 10ml


Want to buy poppers? Rush Original poppers for a cheerful feeling, relaxing feeling and enhancing lust.

Don't swallow the poppers! And do NOT use the Rush Original poppers in combination with kamagra / viagra and other erection agents.

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Rush Original information

Rush is one of the most famous brands of poppers. The Rush poppers are available in different variants. The composition is different from each variant. The basis is always the same, namely liquid and volatile alkyl nitrites. They provide a short, substantial drop in blood pressure, which gives the desired effects.

Effects Rush original poppers

  • Strengthening the sense of lust (sexual)
  • Muscle relaxant / relaxing
  • Uplifted / stimulating feeling

Unwanted effects from Rush original and or poppers in general

  • Headache
  • Fatigue and nausea
  • Difficulty seeing clearly

User manual Rush Original

Poppers you sniff, so is Rush Original poppers. When you inhale the vapor through your nose, it immediately starts working. 1 sniff is enough for 1-2 minutes.

Hazard Statements Rush Original 10ml

PAY ATTENTION!! : Do not swallow this product

PAY ATTENTION!! : do not use in combination with Kamagra / Viagra and other erection agents Watch on YouTube


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