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Rush Extreme EU Poppers - 30ml

Go Extreme! You must try this Rush.

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Rush Extreme

This popper combines the best of both Rush variants! Enjoy the overwhelmingly powerful effect!

Thanks to the new safety cap, the popper always stays fresh - even after repeated opening.

Poppers are volatile liquids that give a short intoxication and make the sexual experience more intense.

Poppers are small bottles containing a clear liquid with a strong odor. The liquid consists of one or more volatile (rapidly evaporating) nitrite compounds, such as amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite. Originally, amyl nitrite was used in the medical world for heart ailments, such as coronary artery narrowing, because it has a vasodilator effect. Amyl nitrite has a very short effect. That is why other agents are used for medical applications today.

Poppers are snorted directly from the bottle through the nose. The effect is then noticeable almost immediately and lasts for three to a maximum of five minutes.

Note: Do not use in combination with Viagra


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