Diclazepam (FORBIDDEN)

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    This product has been illegal since 10/28/2021


    These benzos still remain legal: Bromazolam , Dechloroetizolam , Flubromazepam , Flubrotizolam (FANAX) , Flunitrazolam , Norflurazepam , Pyrazolam .


Diclazepam is a research chemical drug and is sold in pellets. The designer drug is also called chlorodiazepam. We guarantee the quality and the origin.


Diclazepam effect

Diclazepam ensures that the whole body relaxes and it takes away fears. Many users also get very sleepy from diclazepam.

Read more about diclazepam at psychonautwiki

We guarantee the quality and the origin.

Funcaps.eu only sells for research purposes. Not for consumer use.


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