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Recover-E Happy Caps - 4 caps

Drink too much? There is so much craft talk about relieving the symptoms. Save yourself the hassle and choose Recover-E. These capsules are designed by the Happy Caps team. They contain everything you need to get you back on your feet in no time. Keep them handy and reap the benefits when you can use some support.
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Recover-E Happy caps information

Maybe had a few too many last night? Don't feel like yourself anymore after a hard night of partying? We've all experienced it; Waking up in the morning after overeating can be a grueling experience. However, the days of excessive hangover suffering will soon be a thing of the past as there is a potential boost to be found in Recover-E. From the team at Happy Caps comes a discreet and easy way to "pick yourself up" a little and get yourself back on track for the day.

Each pack contains 4 capsules that you can easily swallow. This is enough for 1 serving with everything you need to get you back on your feet quickly. Recover-E is rich in choline, a beneficial nutrient that supports liver function. This is extremely important after a night of drinking. In addition, Recover-E also combines calcium and magnesium. These two minerals not only have a soothing effect on the head, but also regulate the moisture balance in the body. This will leave you feeling a little more hydrated as you begin to recover. Finally, dandelion root, Betula pendula and l-ornithine have also been added, as well as some extra vitamins C, D and B12. With Recover-E you will be fresh and fruity again in no time.

Using Recover-E is simple. Use 2 capsules before the night out and 2 after. You will notice that you feel a lot better the next morning. The possible relief will leave you feeling refreshed and able to continue your day. You no longer have to wallow in self-pity!

Of course, you should use Recover-E in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. If you are taking additional supplements or medications, please consult a physician before use. Store your capsules in a cool, dark place. This way they are ready for use when you need them.

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