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Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro


Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro consists of a recipe once devised by the Yaminawá tribe of Peru, among others. It is a combination between natural tobacco (without preservatives) and Tsunu ash. This ash comes from the Tsunu tree, which is one of the most sacred trees for the tribe. The remedy helps bring mental clarity.

  • Provides mildly stimulating effects
  • Enjoy but use in moderation

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Product Details


Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro

The Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro is made via an old recipe that was once thought up by the Yaminawá tribe, who live in, among other things, Peru. This recipe is a combination between natural tobacco and Tsunu-ash. De Tsunu-trees are among the holiest trees, according to the Yaminawá tribe. Healers of the Yawanawá tribes have used the aforementioned combination for thousands of years. Rapé, also called the 'substance of the ancients', is a shaman remedy which may help to induce mental clarity.

Effect of Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro

Different Rapé combinations have different effects. The effects of the Rapé varieties are directly linked to the specific combination of earthly components. Regarding the Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro, the effects may be:

  • A detoxing effect
  • A better focus
  • Cleaning properties
  • Earthing
  • Calming

How do you use Rapé

The indigenous tribes used Rapé for (religious) ceremonies. Do not confuse Rapé with, for example, research chemicals. Consuming Rapé is completely legal in the Netherlands and it is usually not used for research purposes. Even though Rapé is consumed in the traditional way by the indigenous tribes, it is advised to use a simple wooden pipe named the Kuripe.

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