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Rapé Katukina – Nisural

Rapé Katukina - NIsural consists of a recipe once devised to purify negative energy and relieve headaches. It is a combination between natural tobacco (without preservatives) and Nisural. This ash is derived from the Nisural plant, a minty and fragrant plant that has been used for centuries for natural medicines The remedy helps bring mental clarity. Provides mildly stimulating effects Enjoy but use in moderation Order Rapé Katukina - Nisural from Funcaps today and enjoy fast and discreet delivery! Translated with (free version)
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Rapé Katukina - Nisural

The Rapé Katukina - Nisural is different from, for example, the Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro. The Katukina - Nisural strain does not get its healing abilities from a tree, but from a plant. The Nisural plant was first used by the Katukina and Kaxinawa tribes but has found its way to different tribes throughout the years. Nisural tastes and smells like the earth and has a sand-like color.

The effect of Rapé Katukina - Nisural

Just like other Rapé sorts, the Rapé Katukina – Nisural has a medicinal aspect to it. The plant helps strengthen your physical and mental strength. It also reduces stress and headaches, betters your blood circulation, and relaxes the mind. Rapé is legal in the Netherlands, so you do not need to worry about ordering it!

How do you use Rapé?

De Kaxinawa and Katukina tribes used the Nisural plant to cleanse themselves of negative thoughts. We strongly advise consuming Rapé via a wooden or bamboo pipe named Kuripe! This way you can easily enjoy the positive effects of the Rapé Katukina – Nisural!

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