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Poppers Rochefort Tall - 20ml

The Rochefort Tall popper offers a stylish, intense experience with warmth, relaxation and excitement. Inspired by the Rochefort brewery. Often used in subcultures.

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, The Rochefort Tall popper is a stylish, high-quality inhaler that offers a unique experience. Named after the famous Belgian brewery Rochefort, it is often used for an intense and short-lived high. The Rochefort Tall has an elegant appearance and contains a chemical composition that, when inhaled, causes immediate physical and mental effects, such as a feeling of warmth, relaxation, and heightened sensation. The product is commonly used in specific subcultures, especially during social or sensual experiences.

Poppers are small bottles containing a clear liquid with a strong odor. The liquid consists of one or more volatile nitrite compounds, such as amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite. Originally, amyl nitrite was used in the medical world for heart conditions like coronary artery constriction due to its vasodilatory properties. Amyl nitrite has a very short duration of action. Therefore, other substances are now used for medical purposes.

Poppers are inhaled directly from the bottle through the nose, which is made easier with our poppers inhalers! The effect is almost immediate and lasts for three to a maximum of five minutes.

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